Some Descendants of Dea. William Adams (Phinehas,William,Richard,James,John) and Phyllis Ensworth of Lisbon, New London, Connecticut
  1. Sibel Adams was born on 13 Nov 1777 in Lisbon. [VRCTL]
  2. Lucy Adams was born on 14 Dec 1779 in Lisbon. [VRCTL]
  3. Russell [Roswell?] Adams was born on 8 May 1782 in Lisbon. [VRCTL] Roswell, a widower and farmer, died on 29 Apr 1859, age 77, in Lisbon. [VRCTL] Roswell Adams of Lisbon married Sarah Kinsman of Plainfield on 7 Feb 1810 in Lisbon. [VRCTL] Perhaps he is the Roswell Adams of Lisbon who married Harriet Branch of Mansfield on 24 Sep 1850 in Mansfield. [MCTR]
    1. Sibel Maria Adams was born on 20 Jun 1811 in Lisbon. [VRCTL] She married Edward Spaulding of Brooklyn on 4 May 1841 in Lisbon. [VRCTL]
    2. Thomas Kinsman Adams was born on 8 Jul 1813 in Lisbon. [VRCTL]
    3. Susanna Adams was born on 5 Jul 1815 in Lisbon. [VRCTL] She married James Johnson of Griswold on 7 Feb 1837 in Lisbon. [VRCTL]
    4. Edward Adams was born on 16 Sep 1819 in Lisbon. [VRCTL]
    5. Sarah Douglass Adams was born on 22 Jan 1822 in Lisbon. [VRCTL]
    6. Mary Kinsman Adams was born on 12 Oct 1824 in Lisbon. [VRCTL]
    7. Jeremiah Kinsman Adams was born on 26 Sep 1826 in Lisbon. [VRCTL]
  4. Jabez Ensworth Adams was born on 27 Feb 1788 in Lisbon. [VRCTL]


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