Descendants of Mercy Aikens (James) and Dea. William Paige of Hardwick

  1. William Paige was born on 1 May 1745 in Hardwick. [MVRH1] He married Mercy Raymond on 6 Oct 1768 in Hardwick. [MVRH1]
  2. James Paige was born on 19 Sep 1747 [MVRH1]
  3. Rebecca Paige [HBVT, p. 203] was born on 8 Oct 1749 in Hardwick. [MVRH1] She married John Foster on 6 Oct 1768 in Hardwick. [HBVT, p. 203][MVRH1] John, the son of James and Lydia (Winslow) Foster, was born in Rochester, Massachusetts on 30 Jul 1745. [HBVT, p. 203] He died on 26 Aug 1814 in Barnard and is buried in the Barnard center cemetery. [HBVT, p. 203]
    John and Rebecca went to Rochester and in 1774 they went to Athol, Massachusetts. [HBVT, p. 203] They came to Barnard after 1791. [HBVT, p. 203]
    1. Rev. James Foster was born on 22 Sep 1778 in Athol. [HBVT, p. 203] He died in the winter of 1854-5. [HBVT, p. 203] He married Lucy Swift on 12 Oct 1806 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 203]
      James was a Universalist minister in Onandaga county, New York. [HBVT, p. 203]
    2. Aikens Foster was born on 7 Feb 1788 in Athol. [HBVT, p. 203] He married Dorcas Aikens on 24 Feb 1811 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 203]
  4. Jesse Paige was born on 4 Mar 1752 in Hardwick. [MVRH1] He died on 3 Jul 1818 in Hardwick. [MVRH1] He married Mary Breckenridge of Ware after 16 Jan 1780 (int.) in Hardwick. [MVRH1] Mary was born about 1759. [MVRH1] She died on 28 Feb 1810, age 51, in Hardwick. [MVRH1]
  5. Mercy Paige was born on 18 May 1754 in Hardwick. [MVRH1] She was baptised on 19 May 1754 in Hardwick. [MVRH1] She married Nathaniel Graves on 29 May 1777 in Hardwick. [MVRH1]
  6. Lucy Paige was born on 19 Mar 1757 in Hardwick. [MVRH1]
  7. Christopher Paige was born on 12 Jun 1762 in Hardwick. [MVRH1]


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