Some descendants of Anne Aikens (Solomon, James) and Capt. Beriah Green of Barnard

  1. Talmon Green died on 7 Feb 1786 in Barnard [HBVT, p. 232, there is "some doubt about the year"].
  2. Marshall Green was born on 14 Oct 1801 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 232]
  3. Anna Green was born on 30 Nov 1786 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 232]
  4. Erepta Green was born on 7 Sep 1788 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 232]
  5. Charles Green was born on 1 Nov 1790 in Barnard. He died on 25 Jul 1793 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 232]


HBVT Newton, William Monroe, History of Barnard, Vermont, with family genealogies, Vol. II, Burlington, Vermont Historical Society, 1928.