Some Descendants of Dorcas Aikens (Solomon, James) and Nathaniel Parmenter of Barnard

  1. Dorcas "Dolly" Parmenter was born on 26 Feb 1782 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 322] She died on 20 Jun 1861 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 201] She married as his second wife Gen. Joseph Foster on 20 Oct 1819. [HBVT, p. 201] Joseph Foster was the son of Capt. and Dea. Joseph and Susannah (Roberts) Foster. [HBVT, p. 201] He was born on 10 Sep 1759 in Ware, Massachusetts. [HBVT, p. 201] He died on 27 Dec 1839 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 201] He married first Deborah Tracey of Hartford, Connecticut. [HBVT, p. 201] She was born about 1756 and died on 15 Nov 1818 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 201] Joseph had no children. [HBVT, p. 201]
    Joseph was a corporal in the Revolutionary War. [HBVT, p. 201] He was a general in the Vermont militia. [HBVT, p. 201]
  2. Polly Parmenter was born on 15 Jan 1784 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 322] She married Israel Tupper [HBVT, p. 322] on 21 Dec (or 24 Nov) 1803. [TTD]
  3. Nathaniel Parmenter was born on 18 Jun 1786 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 322] He may have married Hannah Cheney. [HBVT, p. 322] Hannah, the daughter of Moses and Lucy (Dexter) Cheney, was born on 24 Oct 1789. [HBVT, p. 322]
  4. Solomon Parmenter was born on 16 Jan 1789 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 322]
  5. William Parmenter was born on 25 May 1791 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 322] He may have married Rosamond Holden. [HBVT, p. 322]
  6. Jerusha Parmenter was born in Apr 1793 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 322]
  7. Susanna Parmenter was born about 1800 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 322] She died on 22 Mar 1802 in Barnard. [HBVT, p. 322]


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