ABBOTT Ancestors and descendants of George Abbott (bp. 1617 - 1681) of Bishop's Stortford and Andover

ADAMS Descendants of Henry Adams (1583 - 1646) of Braintree

ADAMS Descendants of Robert Adams (abt 1596 - 1682) of Newbury

ADAMS Descendants of John Adams (d. 1633) of Plymouth

AIKENS Descendants of James Aikens (c. 1692 - 1775) of Brookfield and Hardwick

ALCOCK Descendants of Sgt. John Alcock (d. 1671/5) of York

ALDEN Descendants of John Alden (d. 1687) of Plymouth and Duxbury

ALLEN Descendants of William Allen(d. 1686) of Salisbury

ALLERTON Sarah Allerton (d. by 1623) of Plymouth

AMBROSE Descendants of Henry Ambrose (c. 1615 - 1655) of Hampton and Salisbury

ANDREWS Descendants of Robert Andrews (d. 1668) of Boxfield and Topsfield

ANNABLE Descendants of Anthony Annable (d. 1674) of Cambridge, Plymouth, Scituate and Barnstable

ANTROBUS Ancestors and descendants of Joanna Antrobus (bp 1592) of St. Albans, Ipswich, and Carrickfergus

ASLETT Descendants of John Aslett (c. 1614 - 1671) of Andover

ASTEN Descendants of Francis Asten (d. bef. 1642) of Colchester and Hampton

ATWOOD Descendants of Stephen Atwood (prob. by 1620 - 1694) of Plymouth and Eastham

AVERY Ancestors and descendants of James Avery (abt 1614 - 1671)

AYER Descendants of John Ayer (d. 1657) of Salisbury and Haverhill