Some Descendants of Asa Bacon (Asa,John,John,Jacob,Daniel,Michael) and Lucretia Champion of Canterbury and Litchfield, Connecticut

  1. Epaphroditus Bacon was born in 1810 in Litchfield. [BBL] He died on 11 Jan 1845, age 34, in Seville while traveling in Europe. [LI] He is buried in the Strangers Cemetery just outside the old city wall. [CG, p. 302] Epaphroditus graduated from Yale College in 1833. [BBL] He studied medicine for six months in New York City and entered Yale Law School. [CG, p. 302] He practiced in Mobile, Alabama but suffered from a weakness of the lungs and returned to Litchfield. [CG, p. 302] In 1839 he was a delegate to and secretary of the national convention which met in Harrisburg and nominated Gen. Harrison for the Presidency. [SCL, 2;186] He was admitted to the bar in 1840. [BBL] He was appointed Judge Advocate of Litchfield county on 6 Mar 1840. [CG, p. 302] He was a Representative from Litchfield in 1840 and 1841. [SCL, 2;186]
    Epaphroditus was an ardent antiquarian and genealogist. [SCL, 2;186]
    Portrait of Epaphrodius by Anson Dickenson (cropped)
  2. Frederick Asa Bacon was born on 15 Oct 1812 in Litchfield. [CG, p. 302] He died on 1 May 1839, age 26, off of Cape Horn. [LI] He married his second cousin Sarah Arnold Harris on 7 Sep 1837 in Canterbury. [CG, p. 339] Sarah was the daughter of Dr. Andrew and Mary Esther (Cleaveland) Harris. [CG, p. 339] She was born on 30 Nov 1817 in Canterbury. [CG, p. 339] She died on 25 Apr 1843 in Norwich. [CG, p. 339]
    While preparing for Yale College, Frederick suffered a head injuring while skating and it was thought best that he give up his studies for a while. [CG, p. 339] He shipped on board the Cambria to London on 14 Jul 1829. [CG, p. 339] After making two voyages he shipped on board the Canada and spent several months on that ship. [CG, p. 339] He entered the US Navy as a midshipman on the schooner Porpoise on 25 May 1832. [CG, p. 339] He transferred to the Erie on 21 Aug 1834 which was ordered to cruise the Brazilian coast. [CG, p. 339] He was ordered onto the frigate Constitution on 19 Aug 1835 and arrived in Minorca on 19 Sep. [CG, p. 340] He was ordered onto the Shark on 23 Oct. [CG, p. 340] He was ordered onto the John Adams on 13 Mar 1836 and returned to New York. [CG, p. 340]
    In 1838 the United States sent out an expedition to explore the southern seas. [CG, p. 340] Frederick sailed from Hampton Roads, Virginia on 19 Aug 1838. [CG, p. 340] He was aboard the schooner Sea Gull when it was last seen on midnight 28 Apr 1839. [CG, p. 340] Lieut. Charles Wilkes, the leader of the expedition, said, "Messrs. Reid and Bacon were among the most promising young officers in the squadron." [CG, p. 341]
    1. Frederick Asa Bacon was born on 16 Oct 1838 in Canterbury. [CG, p. 341]
  3. Maj. Gen. Francis Bacon was born on 6 Jan 1819 in Litchfield. [BBL] He died on 16 Sep 1849, age 30, [LI] in Litchfield. [CG, p. 341] He married Elizabeth Sheldon Dutcher on 7 Jul 1843. [CG, p. 341] Elizabeth was the daughter of Capt. Ruloff and Lucinda (Howe) Dutcher. [CG, p. 341] She was born on 10 May 1825 in North Canaan, Connecticut. [CG, p. 341] She died on 9 Oct 1867 in New York City. [CG, p. 341] She is buried in Litchfield. [CG, p. 341] She married second Hon. Lewis Carr of Philadelphia in 1855 in Hartford, Conecticut. [CG, p. 341]
    Francis graduated from Yale in 1838. [BBL] He was admitted to the bar in 1840. [BBL] He began a law practice in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1842 but returned to Litchfield. [CG, p. 341] He was a major general of the Connecticut state militia. [BBL] He was a state senator in 1849. [SCL, 2;186]
    1. Catherine "Kate" Bacon was born on 18 Apr 1844 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. [CG, p. 361] She married Thomas Rutherford Trowbridge on 22 Nov 1864 in New Haven, Connecticut. [CG, p. 361] Thomas was the son of Thomas Rutherford and Caroline (Hoadley) Trowbridge. [CG, p. 361] He was born on 3 Mar 1839 in New Haven. [CG, p. 361]
      In 1850 Catherine, age six, and her mother lived with Catherine's grandparents Asa and Lucretia in Litchfield. [C1850]
      1. Francis Bacon Trowbridge was born on 7 Jun 1866. [CG, p. 361] He died on 27 Dec 1943 and is buried in the Grove Street Cemetery in New Haven. [Ref] Click here to see a photo of his grave on the Findagrave website.
        Francis graduated from Yale College in 1887. [CG, p. 362] He received his LLB from Yale Law. [CG, p. 362] He was admitted to the Connecticut bar on 25 Jun 1890. [CG, p. 362]
        Francis was a genealogist. [CG, p. 362]
      2. Edith Champion Trowbridge was born on 29 Jun 1870. [CG, p. 362] She died on 28 Feb 1896 and is buried in the Allori Cemetery in Florence, Italy. [Ref]



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