Some Descendants of John Bacon (John,John,Jacob,Daniel,Michael) and Elizabeth Goldthwait of Boston and Stockbridge, Berkshire, Massachusetts

  1. Ezekiel Bacon [POB, p. 60][WWC, p. 176] was born on 1 Sep 1776 in Boston. [WWC, p. 298, in 1776][BDAC, p. 801] He died on 18 Oct 1870 in Utica, Oneida, New York. [BDAC, p. 801] He is buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Utica. [BDAC, p. 801] He married Abigail Smith. [HHI, 1;294][POU, p. 396] Abigail was the daughter of Dr. Reuben Smith of Litchfield. [POU, p. 396]
    Ezekiel graduated from Yale in 1794. [WWC, p. 298][BDAC, p. 801] He attended the Litchfield Law School. [BDAC, p. 801] He was a lawyer. [WWC, p. 312] He was admitted to the bar in 1800 and began practicing in Stockbridge. [BDAC, p. 801] He was the second postmaster in Williamstown. [WWC, p. 298] He was a member of the Massachusetts house of representatives in 1805 and 1806. [BDAC, p. 801] He moved to Pittsfield, Berkshire, Massachusetts in 1806. [HHI, 1;294] He was a member of Congress in 1807 - 1813. [WWC, p. 176][BDAC, p. 801] He was Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. [WWC, p. 176] He was chief justice of the court of common pleas for the western district of Massachusetts in 1811 - 1814. [BDAC, p. 801] He was the first Comptroller of the United States Treasury in 1814 - 1815. [BDAC, p. 801] He resigned and moved to Utica in 1816. [BDAC, p. 801] He was appointed associate justice of the court of common pleas in 1818. [BDAC, p. 801] He was a member of the state assembly in 1819. [BDAC, p. 801] He was a delegate to the State constitutional convention in 1821. [BDAC, p. 801] He was a Democrat. [WWC, p. 176] He published a volume of poems in 1842. [WWC, p. 298]
    1. John H. Bacon died some years before 1877. [POU, p. 396]
    2. Judge William Johnson Bacon [WWC, p. 324] was born on 18 Feb 1803 in Williamstown, Massachusetts. [BDAC, p. 801] He died on 3 Jul 1889 in Utica. [BDAC, p. 801] He is buried in the Forest Hil Cemetery. [BDAC, p. 801] He married first Eliza Kirkland. [MHU, p. 532] Eliza was the daughter of Gen. Joseph Kirkland. [MHU, p. 532] She was the mother of William's children. [MHU, p. 532] William married second Mrs. Susan Sloane Gillett. [MHU, p. 532]
      William graduated from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York in 1822. [BDAC, p. 801] He graduated from the Litchfield Law School in 1824 and was admitted to the bar the same year. [BDAC, p. 801] He commenced practice in Utica. [BDAC, p. 801] He was appointed city attorney in 1837. [BDAC, p. 801] He was a member of the State assembly in 1850. [BDAC, p. 801] He was appointed a trustee of Hamilton College in 1851. [BDAC, p. 801] He was elected judge of the State supreme court of the fifth district in 1854 and served until 1870. [BDAC, p. 801] He was elected as a Republican to Congress 1877 - 1879. [BDAC, p. 801]
      1. Lieut. William Kirkland Bacon was born on 5 Feb 1842 in Utica. [Ref] He died on 16 Dec 1862 in Fredericksburg. [Ref] He is buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Utica. [Ref] Click here to see a photo of him and of his grave on the Findagrave website. His grave stone says "William Kirkland Bacon--Late Adjutant of the Twenty-Sixth Regiment of New York State Volunteers, slain at Fredericksburg, December 16, 1862". [Ref]
      2. Unknown Daughter Bacon married Seth W. Crittenden. [MHU, p. 532]
    3. Francis Bacon died after 1877. [POU, p. 397]
      Francis was a merchant in New York. [POU, p. 397]
    4. Elizabeth Goldthwait Bacon was born on 12 Feb 1812 in Utica. [HHI, 1;294] She died on 9 Sep 1890. [HHI, 1;294] She married Henry Colt on 24 Sep 1839 in Utica. [HHI, 1;294] Henry was born on 2 Nov 1812. [HHI, 1;294] He was baptised on 27 Jun 1813. [HHI, 1;294] He died on 22 Jan 1888. [HHI, 1;294]
      Henry was a wool dealer. [HHI, 1;295] He was president of the Pittsfield Woolen Company in 1852. [HHI, 1;295] He was a selectman in 1852 - 1856. [HHI, 1;295] He was water commissioner in 1864. [HHI, 1;295] He was a director of the Pittsfield National Bank. [HHI, 1;295] He was a trustee of the Massachusetts Agricultural Society. [HHI, 1;295] He was a director of the Boston & Albany Railroad Company. [HHI, 1;295]
      1. Dr. Henry Colt was born on 9 Nov 1856. [HHI, 1;295]
        Henry graduated from Williams College in 1878. [HHI, 1;295] He graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1881. [HHI, 1;296] He was a practicing physician in Pittsfield. [HHI, 1;296] He was associate medical director of the Berkshire Life Insurance Company. [HHI, 1;296] He was medical examiner for Berkshire county. [HHI, 1;296] He was chairman of the medical and surgical board of Mercy Hospital in Pittsfield. [HHI, 1;296] He was a director of the Pittsfield National Bank. [HHI, 1;296]
    5. Fanny Bacon died before 1877. [POU, p. 397] She married Unknown Pomeroy. [POU, p. 397]


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