Some Descendants of Michael Bacon (Michael) and Mary Jobo of Winston and Woburn

  1. Mary Bacon was born say 1635. [EOL] She married Ens. John Lakin. [EOL] John was the son of William and Mary Lakin. [EOL] He was baptised on 1 Nov 11628 in Ruddington, co. Nottingham. [EOL] He died on 21 Mar 1697/8 in Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. [EOL]
    1. Mary Lakin was born say 1658. [EOL] She died about 1688. [EOL] She married Henry Willard of Groton and Lancaster on 18 Jul 1674. [EOL]
    2. Sarah Lakin was born on 4 Feb 1661/2 in Groton. [EOL] She died on 15 Mar 1740 in Groton. [EOL] She married Capt. Benjamin Willard of Groton. [EOL]
  2. Michael Bacon was baptised on 16 Feb 1639 in Winston. [MBD, p. 30] He died on 13 Aug 1701 [MBD, p. 31] in Billerica, Middlesex, Massachusetts. [ACC] He married Sarah Richardson on 22 Mar 1660. [MVRW][MBD, p. 31]
    Michael was a shoemaker. [MBD, p. 30]
    Mary Ball, the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Pierce) Ball was born about 1651 in Watertown. In about 1656 her mother Elizabeth Pierce became insane and Mary went to live with her mother's parents. When her grandmother died she went to Woburn where her uncle Robert Pierce lived and went to work for Michael Bacon, Jr. of Woburn. She apparently fled to her "kinsman" Frances Brayton in Portsmouth, Rhode Island and on 3 Apr 1671 she wrote to Michael Bacon accusing him of being the father of her child. [BPR]
    1. Mary Bacon was born on 1 Mar 1661 in Woburn. [MBD, p. 31]
    2. Sarah Bacon was born on 24 Aug 1663 in Woburn. [MBD, p. 31]
    3. Abigail Bacon was born on 5 Mar 1667 in Woburn. [MBD, p. 31] She died on 6 Dec 1743. [MBD, p. 31] She married Josiah Wood, Jr. of Woburn on 13 Dec 1686. [MBD, p. 31]
    4. Michael Bacon was probably born in Woburn. [MBD, p. 31] He went to South Carolina. [MBD, p. 32]
    5. Jonathan Bacon was born on 14 Jul 1672 in Billerica. [MBD, p. 31][ACC] He died on 12 Jan 1754. [MBD, p. 34][ACC] He married first Elizabeth Giles on 3 Jun 1694. [MBD, p. 34] Elizabeth, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Giles of Beverly, was born in 1671. [MBD, p. 34] She died on 16 Dec 1738 [MBD, p. 34] in Billerica.[ACC]He married second Elizabeth (Hancock) Wyman on 22 Sep 1739. [MBD, p. 34] Elizabeth was the daughter of Nathaniel and Mary (Prentice) Hancock. [MBD, p. 34] She was born about 1685. She died on 3 Mar 1748, age 63. [MBD, p. 34] She married first Benjamin Wyman of Woburn. [MBD, p. 34]
      Jonathan was a selectman of and representative to the General Court from Bedford, Middlesex, Massachsuetts. [MBD, p. 35]
      1. Elizabeth Bacon was born on 26 Nov 1695 in Billerica. [ACC] She died on 23 Aug 1761 in Danvers, Essex, Massachusetts. [ACC] She married Thomas Baker on 5 Jan 1709/10 in Topsfield, Essex, Massachusetts. [ACC] Thomas was born on 17 Feb 1687/8 in Topsfield. He died in Sep 1725 in Topsfield. [ACC]
        1. Priscilla Baker was born on 4 Aug 1724 in Topsfield. [ACC] She died on 16 Mar 1812 in Sutton, Worcestor, Massachusetts. [ACC] She married Silas Briggs on 31 Oct 1754 in Berkley, Bristol, Massachusetts. [ACC] Silas was born on 17 Apr 1732 in Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts. [ACC] He died on 9 Sep 1813 in Barre, Washington, Vermont. [ACC]
          1. Asa Briggs was born on 22 Jun 1755 in Berkeley. [ACC] He died in 1834 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. [ACC] He married Elizabeth Paul on 27 Dec 1777 in Berkley. [ACC] She was born about 1754 in Kalamazoo. [ACC]
            • Sally Briggs was born on about 1783, probably in Putney, Windsor, Vermont. [ACC] She died on 18 Jun 1869 in Plymouth, Windsor, Vermont. [ACC] She married Israel Putnam Brown on 7 Oct 1799 in Plymouth. [ACC] He was born on 2 Nov 1781 in Moultonborough, Vermont. [ACC] He died on 9 Nov 189 in Plymouth. [ACC]
              • Sally Brown was born on 4 Feb 1801. She died in 1884. She married John Moor on 9 Sep 1811 in Rockingham, Vermont. He was probably born about 1785 in Salem, Washington, New York.
                • Hiram D. Moor was born on 26 Dec 1812, probably in Rockingham, Vermont. He died on 9 Jan 1888 in Guthrie, Iowa. He married Abigail Franklin on 5 Dec 1838 in Plymouth. She was born on 18 Apr 1811 in Plymouth. She died on 3 Oct 1892 in Plymouth.
                  • Victoria Josephine Moor was born on 14 Mar 1846 in Plymouth. She died on 14 Mar 1885 in Plymouth. She married John Calvin Coolidge on 6 May 1868 in Plymouth.
                    Victoria was the mother of President Calvin Coolidge.
    6. Nathaniel Bacon was born on 18 Sep 1675 in Billerica. [MBD, p. 31] He died on 24 Jul 1750 in Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts. [MBD, p. 36] He married Judith Wyman. [MBD, p. 36] Judith was the daughter of Francis and Judith (Pierce) Wyman of Woburn. [MBD, p. 36]
    7. Josiah Bacon was born on 20 Oct 1678 in Billerica. [MBD, p. 31] He died on 14 Oct 1723. [MBD, p. 34] He married Mary Unknown. [MBD, p. 34]
  3. Mary Bacon was baptised on 18 Feb 1640 in Winston. [MBD, p. 30] She married Bartholomew Gale of Salem in Mar 1662 as his second wife. [MBD, p. 30]
  4. Elizabeth Bacon was born on 4 Jan 1642 in Woburn. [MBD, p. 30] She married Lieut. John Richardson of Woburn on 22 Oct 1658. [MBD, p. 30]
  5. Sarah Bacon was born on 24 Aug 1644 in Woburn. [MBD, p. 30] She died on 11 Apr 1727 in Woburn. [MVRW] She married Caleb Simonds on 25 Sep 1677 [MBD, p. 30] in Woburn. [MVRW]


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