The BARRON Family of Watertown and Chelmsford in Middlesex co., Massachusetts

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ELLIS BARRON (abt. 1629 - 1676/83) of Watertown m. Grace Unknown
MOSES BARRON (1643 - bef. 1708) of Chelmsford m. Mary Learned
ISAAC BARRON (1671 - 1739) of Chelmsford m. Sarah Unknown
HANNAH BARRON (1703 - 1774), wife of Thomas Proctor

First Generation

ELLIS BARRON (abt. 1629 - 1676/83) of Watertown

Parents: Unknown

Ellis Barron married first Grace Unknown. [Ref] He married second the widow Hannah Hawkins on 4 Dec 1653. [Ref] Hannah, the daughter of William and Elizabeth (Paine) Hammond and widow of Timothy Hawkins, was baptised on 14 Jul 1616 in Lavenham, Suffolk. [Ref] She is buried in the Old Burying Ground in Watertown; her headstone says, "Here Lyes the Body of Hannah BARRON aged about 70 years died the 17 of September 1685." [Ref]

Ellis probably brought three or four children from England. [Ref]

Ellis was a freeman on 2 Jun 1641. [Ref] He was a constable in 1658 in Watertown. [Ref] He was a selectman in 1668 in Watertown. [Ref]

He made his will on 26 Oct 1676, providing for his seven surviving children. [Ref]

In her will, dated 18 Aug 1683, the widow Hannah Barron of Watertown mentions her daughter Hannah Barron's children. [Ref]

Children of Ellis Barron and Grace Unknown:

  1. Ellis Barron was born about 1629. He testified that he was about 24 in 1653. [Ref] He married his stepsister Hannah, the daughter of Timothy and Hannah (Hammond) Hawkins. [Ref][Ref] Hannah was born on 10 Jun 1637. [Ref] Ellis married second Lydia (Prescott) Fairbanks, the daughter of John and Mary (Platts) Prescott and the widow of Jonas Fairbanks of Lancaster. [Ref] Ellis was on a 24 Aug 1676 list of Malden soldiers in King Philip's War, serving under Capt. Joseph Sill. [Ref] He is on an 18 Dec 1677 list of Watertown men who took the oath of fidelity before Capt. Mason on 18 Dec 1677. [Ref] He had two sons and eight daughters. [Ref]
    some descendants of Ellis Barron
  2. Mary Barron died on 13 Feb 1715/6. [Ref] She married Daniel Warren on 10 Dec 1650. [Ref][Ref][Ref, entry for John Warren] Daniel was the son of John Warren. [Ref, entry for John Warren]
  3. Susanna BarroMn married Stephen Randall on 14 Dec 1653. [Ref]
  4. Hannah Barron was born about 1635. She died on 14 Jul 1680, age 45. [Ref][Refsays 24 Jul] She is buried in the Old Burying Ground in Watertown; her headstone says, "Hannah COOLIDG Wife to Symon COOLLIDG Aged 45 Years Dyed July ye 24 1680." [Ref] She married first Simon Coolidge on 17 Nov 1658 in Watertown. [Ref] Simon, the son of John and Mary Coolidge, was probably born about 1632 and died on 27 Dec 1693 in Watertown. [Ref] He married second Priscilla Rogers on 19 Jan 1681/2 in Watertown. [Ref] Hannah and Simon had three sons and four daughters; their son Obadiah was an ancestor of President Coolidge. [Ref]
  5. John Barron [Ref] died on 1 Jan 1693 in Groton. [Ref] He married Elizabeth Hunt on 1 Apr 1664 in Concord or Marlborough. [Ref] She died on 18 Aug 1704 in Concord. [Ref] They settled in Groton and had three sons and a daughter. [Ref]
  6. Sarah Barron was born on 25 (5) 1640 in Watertown. [Ref] She married Unknown Estwick. [Ref]
  7. Moses Barron was born on 1 (1) 1643 in Watertown. He married Mary Learned.
  8. Peter Barron, a soldier in Moseley's company, was killed by Indians in Sep 1675. [Ref] Bond [Ref] says that he was killed at Muddy Brook and that he was "perhaps" Ellis's son. [Ref]

Generation 2

MOSES BARRON (1643 - bef. 1708) of Chelmsford

Parents: Ellis Barron and Grace Unknown.

Moses Barron was born on 1 (1) 1643 in Watertown. [Ref] He died before 18 Oct 1708. He married Mary Learned. [Ref]

Moses was an early resident of Chemsford. [Ref] "He lived near Mr. Charles Sweetser's and Joseph Warren ... It is said that the first burial in town was upon his land." [Ref]

On 30 (3) 1671 the selectman of Chelmsford assessed the residents of the town, including Moses, to pay the minister. [Ref]

On 18 Oct 1708, Elias Barron of Woodbridge, "East Jersie" and William Barron of Sherborn quitclaimed to Isaac Barron of Chelmsford all interest in their deceased father Moses Barron's lands. This was witnessed by Mary Barron and Elizabeth Richardson. [Ref]

Children of Moses Barron and Mary Learned:

  1. Capt. Moses Barron was born on 28 Oct 1669 in Chemsford. [Ref] He died on 16 Sep 1719 in Chelmsford. [Ref][Ref] He married Mary Richardson on 2 Feb 1697/8 in Chelmsford. [Ref]
  2. John Barron was born on 26 Mar 1669/[70?]. [Ref] He died on 13 Jan 1677/8 in Chelmsford. [Ref][Ref]
  3. Isaac Barron was born on 1 Dec 1671 in Chemsford. He died on 16 Sep 1739 in Chelmsford. He married Sarah Unknown.
  4. Mary Barron was born on 1 Mar 1673/4 [Ref] in Chemsford. [Ref]
  5. Samuel Barron was born on 3 May 1679 [Ref] in Chemsford. [Ref] He married Mary Stearns on 28 or 30 May in 1705 in Billerica. [Ref][Ref, p. 455, 28 May] She died on 25 Jun 1743 in Chelmsford. [Ref]
  6. Elias Barron was born on 16 Mar 1682 [Ref] in Chemsford. [Ref] He died between 22 Jul and 16 Aug 1715. [Ref] He married first Mary Andrews on 27 Dec 1705. [Ref] She died on 23 Aug 1706. [Ref] He married second Deborah Unknown. [Ref]
    Elias settled in Woodbridge, NJ. [Ref]
  7. William Barron was born on 19 Nov 1685 [Ref] in Chemsford. [Ref]
  8. Joseph Barron was born on 27 Aug or in Sep 1688 [Ref] in Chemsford. [Ref]

Generation 3

ISAAC BARRON (1671 - 1739) of Chelmsford

Parents: Moses Barron and Mary Learned

Isaac Barron was born on 1 Dec 1671 [Ref] in Chelmsford. [Ref] He died on 16 Sep 1739 in Chelmsford. [Ref][Ref] He married Sarah Unknown. Perhaps he is the Isaac Barron who married, presumably second, Mary Adams on 28 Feb 1724/5 in Chelmsford. [Ref] Mary Adams was probably Mary (Jones) Adams, the widow of Joseph Adams. [Ref] She was born in 1677, died in 1751 and married third Joseph Varnum in 1743. [Ref]

A story that is frequently told, without attribution, is that Sarah was the daughter of Daniel Goodwin of Berwick and his second wife. It is said that Isaac met Sarah when he was a soldier guarding prisoners in Berwick.

Children of Isaac Barron and Sarah Unknown:

  1. Elizabeth Barron was born on 9 Dec 1700 in Chelmsford. [Ref]
  2. Hannah Barron was born on 14 Oct 1703 in Chelmsford. She died on 3 Sep 1774. She married Thomas Proctor.

Generation 4

HANNAH BARRON (1703 - 1774)

Parents: Isaac Barron and Sarah Unknown

Hannah Barron was born on 14 Oct 1703 in Chelmsford. [Ref][Ref] She died on 3 Sep 1774. [Ref][Ref] She married Thomas Proctor [Ref][Ref] after 23 Dec 1722 when their intention is recorded in Chelmsford. [Ref]


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