Descendants of William Basset (William) and Mary Rainsford

  1. William Bassett was born about 1653 [Ref] probably in Sandwich. He died on 29 Sep 1721. [Ref] He married Mary Williston (or Willison) of Taunton on 9 Oct 1675 in Sandwich. [Ref][Ref]
    On 8 Mar 1670/1, William chose Mr. Hinckley to be his guardian. [Ref]
    On 14 Aug 1679, William was chosen to take the previous year's constable's accounts. [Ref] On 18 (3) 1680, William was chosen to be a surveyor for the town of Sandwich. [Ref] Also on 18 (3) 1680, William was one of three men engaged to provide the town with trooping horses. [Ref] On 19 Aug 1680, William Bassett and Thomas Tupper were chosen to view land that Henry Dillingworth wanted to exchange with the town. [Ref] On the last of Aug 1680, William was chosen a rater. [Ref] On 18 (9) 1680, William Bassett and Thomas Tupper were chosen to disburse the town's silver according to each person's disbursements in King Philip's War. [Ref] On 18 Aug 1681, William was chosen a substitute rater. [Ref]
    1. Mary Bassett was born on 20 Oct 1676. [Ref][Ref] She died on 18 Dec 1733. [Ref] She married Nathan Bourne on 3 Feb 1697/8. [Ref][Ref does not give the location] Nathan, the son of Elisha and Patience (Skiffe) Bourne and grandson of Rev. Richard Bourne and James Skiffe, was born on 31 Aug 1676 and died in 1770 in Sandwich. [Ref] They had eight children. [Ref] Nathan was a shipwright and owned the first packet, the Charming Betty, between Boston and Sandwich (1717).
    2. Rachel Bassett was born on 25 Oct 1679 in Sandwich. [Ref] She married Joseph Foster now of Sandwich' on 8 Sep 1696 in Sandwich. [Ref]
    3. William Bassett was born about 1683. [Ref] He married Abigail Bourne on 3 Feb 1708/9. [Ref] Abigail, the sister of William's sister Mary's husband Nathan, was born on 22 Jul 1684 and died in Jan 1764. [Ref] They had 12 children. [Ref]
    4. Thankful Bassett was born about 1687. [Ref] She died in 1777. [Ref] She married Matthias Ellis on 30 Mar 1710/11 in Sandwich. [Ref] Matthias, the son of Lieut. Matthias and Mercy Ellis was born on 5 Nov 1681 and died in 1771. [Ref; later corrected from Mercy Nye to Mercy Unknown] They had three children. [Ref] Thankful was admitted to the Sandwich church on 18 Feb 1710/1; her husband was admitted on 20 Nov 1709. [Ref]
  2. Mary Bassett was born on 21 Nov 1654 in Sandwich. [Ref][Ref, p. 3] She married John Redding on 22 (8) 1676 in Sandwich. [Ref][Ref][Ref][Ref, p. 3, 8 Oct 1676] John, the son of Thomas Redding, was born about 1640. [Ref, p. 3] He died on 17 Nov 1716 in Gloucester. [Ref, p. 3] He married second Jane Unknown. [Ref, p. 3] Jane married second Richard Babson of Gloucester on 14 Oct 1718. [Ref, p. 3] Richard was the son of James and Eleanor (Hill) Babson. [Ref, p. 3]
  3. Nathan Bassett was born about 1657. [Ref] He married Mary Huckins. [Ref]
  4. Sarah Bassett married Thomas Lewes of Falmouth. [Ref]
  5. James Bassett was born on 18 Jan 1671/2 in Sandwich. [Ref] He died on 19 May 1738 in East Haddam. [Ref] He married Abigail Robinson on 18 Feb 1695/6 in Sandwich. [Ref]
  6. John Bassett died after 3 Apr 1736 in Barnstable. [Ref] He married Mary Bourne on 3 Jun 1703 in Sandwich. [Ref]
  7. Elizabeth Bassett was born on 10 Sep 1675. [Ref] She married Joseph Ashley. [Ref]
  8. Mary Bassett married Nathan Bassett. [Ref] She died in 1743 in Chilmark. [Ref]