The BEAMAN Family of Dorchester in Suffolk co. and Lancaster in Worcestor co., Massachusetts

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HANNAH BEAMAN m. Jeremiah Wilson

First Generation

GAMALIEL BEAMAN (1623 - 1678) of Dorchestor and Lancaster

Parents: Unknown

Gamaliel Beaman was born about 1623. He died in Dorchester on 23 Mar 1678. [Ref][Ref] He married Sarah Clark. [Ref][Ref]

Gamaliel Beaman came to New England at age 12 in 1635 on the Elizabeth and Ann. [Ref] He settled in Dorchester. [Ref]

Gamaliel was an early inhabitant of Lancaster, signing the town covenant with his mark on 31 May 1659. [Ref] He received the 22nd lot in the second division of meadow on 5 Feb 1659. [Ref] He was constable in 1671. [Ref] After the massacre in 1675, he went to Dorchester. [Ref] At the time of his death the Beamans were so impoverished that the tax rates of Gamaliel, Sr., Gamaliel, Jr., John and Thomas were listed in the Dorchester records as "desperate debts". [Ref]

Children of Gamaliel Beaman and Sarah Clark:

  1. John Beaman was born in 1649 in Dorchester. [Ref] According to his headstone in the old Burying Ground in Lancaster, he died on 15 Jan 1739, age 90. [Ref, p. 406] He married Priscilla Unknown. She was born about 1656 and died on 6 Aug 1729. Her headstone in the Old Burying Ground says, 'Here Lies the Body of Mrs. Priscilla Beman, Wife to Mr. John Beman, Who Dec'd Aug'st 6th 1729, in ye 73d Year of Her Age.' [Ref]
    John and his brother Gamaliel were among the first to return to Lancaster after the massacre. [Ref] In 1704 John and Gamaliel were in a garrison in Lancaster commanded by Capt. Joseph Wilder and John Houghton; also in the garrison was [their brother son-in-law] Jeremiah Wilson. [Ref]
    some descendants of John Beaman
  2. Joseph Beaman (possibly) was born in 1651 in Dorchester. [Ref] If he existed; he probably died young. [Ref]
  3. Gamaliel Beaman was born in 1653 in Dorchester. [Ref] He died on 23 Mar 1678 in Dorchester. [Ref]
  4. Thomas Beaman was born in 1654 in Dorchester. [Ref]
  5. Mary Beaman was born in 1656 in Dorchester. [Ref]
  6. Sarah Beaman was born on 19 (11) 1658 in Dorchestor. [Ref] She died, probably in childbirth, on 19 (10) 1681 in Dorchester. [Ref] She married Ebeneazer Williams on 28 Dec 1680 in Dorchester. [Ref]
  7. Noah Beaman was born on 3 (2) 1661 in Lancaster. [Ref][Ref, p. 10, s. Gamaliel and Sarah]
  8. Thankful Beaman was born on 18 Apr 1663 in Lancaster. [Ref][Ref, p. 12, d. Gamaliel and Sarah] She married Nathaniel Wilson in 1694. [Ref]
  9. Hannah Beaman married Jeremiah Wilson. [?]
  10. Mehitable Beaman was born on 26 May 1667 in Lancaster. [Ref][Ref, p. 12, d. Gamaliel and Sarah]

Second Generation


Parents: Gamaliel Beaman and Sarah Clark (maybe)

Is is said that Hannah Beaman married Jeremiah Wilson.

Jeremiah Wilson of Lancaster had a wife Hannah. Although Gamaliel could have had a child between Thankful and Mehitable, there does not appear to be any record of a Hannah born to Gamaliel.


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