The Boardman Family of Claydon in Oxfordshire, England and Ipswich and Topsfield in Essex co., Massachusetts

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THOMAS BOREMAN of Claydon m. Elizabeth Carter (d. aft 1631)
THOMAS BOREMAN (bp 1601 - 1671/3) of Ipswich m. Margaret Offing (d. 1679)
DANIEL BOARDMAN (abt 1639-1708) of Ipswich and Topsfield m. Hannah Hutchinson
JOSEPH BOARDMAN (abt 1662-1737) of Topsfield m. Prudence Foster
ABIGAIL BOARDMAN (1700-1771) m. Isaac Cummings

First Generation



Thomas Boreman married Elizabeth Carter. [Ref]

Elizabeth Boreman signed her will on 27 Apr 1631. [Ref] She mentions her son Thomas and asks that her son Daniel live with her son John. That both she and her son Thomas mention the apparently incompetent Daniel is evidence that Thomas the immigrant is the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Borman of Claydon. [Ref]

Children of Thomas Boreman and Elizabeth Carter:

  1. Felix Borman of Fleete Lane in London was an older brother of Thomas. [Ref] He sold 25 swords to the Massachusetts Bay Colony on 17 Mar 1628/9. [Ref]
  2. Thomas Boreman was baptised on 18 Oct 1601 in Claydon. He died between 1671/2 and 26 May 1673. He married Margaret Offing.
  3. John Boreman
  4. Daniel Boreman is mentioned in his brother's will. Thomas asked that Daniel live with his wife and after her death with his son Thomas, who was to maintain him. [Ref]

Second Generation

THOMAS BOREMAN (bp 1601 - 1671/3) of Ipswich

Parents: Thomas Boreman and Elizabeth Carter

Thomas was baptised on 18 Oct 1601 in Claydon. [Ref][Ref sites Topsfield Historical Collections 8, 1902, 104.] Thomas Boreman died after 1671/2 and before 26 May 1673, when inventory was taken on the estate of Mr. Thomas Boreman. Thomas was "a very old man" in 1671/2. [Ref] He married Margaret Offing on 17 Aug 1630 at St. Helen's, Bishopgate, London. Margaret died on 25 Nov 1679 in Ipswich. [Ref][Ref]

In the registers of St. Helen's, Bishopgate, London is the following entry: 1630 Aug 17 Thomas Bourman, batcheler and cordwayner of London, and Margaret Offing, maiden; by bands. Thomas's son Thomas had a son Offing, so perhaps Margaret was Margaret Offing. [Ref] The date is reasonable, although this Thomas was a cordwainer - a leather worker - and our Thomas was a cooper - a maker of wooden barrels.

Thomas settled in Ipswich in 1634. [Ref] He is on the 4 Mar 1634/5 list of freemen. [Ref] He was a commoner of Ipswich on 'the last day of the last month, 1641'. [Ref]

Thomas is often referred to as "Mr."[Ref]

Matthias Button and Henry Walker each sued Thomas Boreman at the 28 [probably Dec] 1641 Court in Ipswich. [Ref] Henry Waker sued Thomas Boreman again at the 29 (1) 1642 Court in Ipswich. [Ref]

Thomas was on the grand jury at the 25 (7) 1649 court at Ipswich. [Ref] He was on the trial jury at the 27 (7) 1653 and 27 May 1655 courts at Ipswich. [Ref]

In a deed dated 22 Mar 1650, the fisherman Matthias Button traded 9-3/4 acres of land on the south side of the river near Labor-in-Vain Creek and bounded by Thomas Perkins's marsh to Thomas Boreman, cooper of Ipswich, for 11 (unspecified) acres. This ultimately led to a dispute with Samuel Hunt, Jr., when both he and Thomas wanted to mow the marsh. Thomas sued Samuel and on 19 Sep 1678 Samuel was charged with mowing Thomas's marsh. In about 1670 Thomas had gone to cut some grass in the marsh and Samuel Hunt's father-in-law told him to take it and his canoe away, which Thomas did. At some point in the dispute, Samuel Hunt had charged Thomas with a pitch fork several times saying, "Get off my land, you Rogue.' Thomas had responded, 'You had better try the title to the land some other way." Elizabeth (Riddings) Hunt, Samuel's wife, deposed that her family had mowed the land for 26 years. In addition, there seemed to be some confusion about who owned the land in question.The court found in favour of Samuel. [Ref 7;85-7]

Thomas, having been released from training, was behind on his yearly payments for the use of the company. On his wife's petition the 29 Mar 1664 court at Ipswich waived half the arrears if he would pay the other half and released him from further training. [Ref]

In his will, written 17 Dec 1670, Thomas Boreman of Ipswich, left bequests to his sons Thomas and Daniel; his daughter Joanna; his daughter Mary, the wife of Robert Kinsman; his daughter Martha, the wife of Thomas Loe. He also mentions his brother Daniel. [Ref] Inventory on his estate, taken 26 May 1673, amounted to £553.6.6. His will was proved by witnesses John Dane and William Hubbard on 19 Jun 1673. [Ref 5;167]

In her will, signed in 1679, Margaret mentions sons Daniel and Thomas; daughters Martha and Joanna; daughters who were the wives of Unknown Kinsman, Unknown Low and Unknown Fellows. [Ref]

On 26 (9) 1673 Margaret and Elizabeth Boreman testified in the case of Mary Greely. Mary, a servant of Goody Wells, had a child out of wedlock with Lawrence Clinton. Margaret and Elizabeth said that Lawrence Clinton had told Tabitha Howard that Mary had said that she was afraid that she was pregnant. [Ref] The antics of the badly behaved Lawrence Clinton are recounted in John Demos's Entertaining Satan. [Ref] Lawrence lived with Thomas Boreman, Jr. for a year. [Ref 7;187] See also the account in the Wooden family file.

Samuel Boreman of Ipswich was a first cousin of Thomas. [Ref] This Thomas should not be confused with Thomas Boreman of Plymouth. [Ref]

Children of Thomas Boreman and Margaret Unknown:

  1. Mary Boardman married Quartermaster Robert Kinsman, the son of Robert Kinsman.
  2. Daniel Boardman was born about 1639. He married Hannah Hutchinson.
  3. Martha Boardman was born about 1641. [Ref] She married Thomas Low of Ipswich on 4 Jul 1660. [Ref]
  4. Thomas Boardman was born about 1645. At the Apr 1679 court in Ipswich, he deposed that he was 34. [Ref] He died on 3 Oct 1719, age 76, in Ipswich. [Ref] He married Elizabeth Perkins of Ipswich on 1 Jan 1667/8. [Ref][Ref] Elizabeth, the daughter of Sgt. Jacob Perkins and Elizabeth Unknown, died on 4 Dec 1718 [Ref] at age 68 years, 8 months and 3 days in Ipswich. [Ref]
    Thomas signed an agreement with his mother on 30 Jun 1676. She had been left half of his father's farm and she agreed that he could use and improve it if he paid her £8 a year and provided her diet for the rest of her life. One of the witnesses was Mary Kinsman. [Ref 7;85] At a 14 Mar 1678/9 Topsfield town meeting, it was decided to allocate land to commoners, including Thomas. [Ref 7;162]
    Thomas testified in the trial of Rachel Clinton, formerly the wife of Lawrence Clinton, who was arrested on 29 Mar 1692 in Ipswich. Thomas testified: 'This deponent testifieth and sayeth that some women of worth and quality desired me to aquaint the seven men [selectman?] that Rachel Clinton was a great disturber unto them in the [meeting] house in hunching them with her elbow as they went by.' Thomas goes on to say that he did this and as he was riding home that night, 'before me like a cat ... [and as] I looked wistfully upon it and it seemed to be something like a little dog and then I pursued it and it kept the same distance in the path before me. Although I rode hard after it I could not over take it. Then I looked once [to] my right hand and I saw a great turtle that moved as fast as I rode along and then I thought of Rachel Clinton. Then the little creature and the turtle vanished away and further saith not. [Ref, Suffolk Court Records Case No. 2660 Page 140, my correction of spelling and punctuation]
    Thomas Boreman is in the Ipswich section of the 24 May 1682 list of freemen. [Ref] He signed his will on 24 Oct 1719; it was proved on 3 Nov 1719. [Ref]
  5. Joanna Boardman was born about 1649. [Ref] She married Isaac Fellows of Ipswich on 29 Jan 1672. [Ref] Joanna Fellows, the daughter of Thomas Boreman, deposed on a land dispute on 23 Sep 1678. [Ref 7;87]

Third Generation

DANIEL BOARDMAN (abt 1639-1708) of Ipswich and Topsfield

Parents: Thomas Boreman and Margaret Offing

Daniel Boardman was born about 1639. [Ref] He died on 27 Apr 1708 in Topsfield. [Ref][Ref] He married Hannah Hutchinson on 12 Apr 1662. [Ref]

At the 26 Sep 1665 court at Ipswich, Daniel sued his father for detaining a writing conveying a house and land. Richard Hutchinson and Nathaniel Putnam deposed that they were at Thomas Boreman's house in Ipswich a year ago and that Thomas had agreed that if his son Daniel married Richard's daughter that he would give Daniel a deed for half his house, orchard and land on the condition that if Daniel died without children before his father died, Hannah would be paid £100 and the estate would revert to Thomas. After the decease of Thomas, Daniel was to receive the other half. Mr. Thomas Boardman built a new house and gave Daniel the choice of which house he wanted. In a 26 Feb 1661 deed from Thomas to Daniel it said that if Daniel should die before his father, Thomas's wife Margaret should enjoy half the estate after Thomas's decease. If Daniel outlived his father and wanted to sell the farm, his brother Thomas should have right of refusal. The matter was settled when the parties agreed. [Ref]

On 27 Sep 1665 Daniel Boreman quitclaimed to his father Thomas Boreman all of his rights and interest in Thomas's farm for £225. This was approved by "Mr. Thomas Boreman Senior with his two sons, that is Robert Kinsman and Thomas Low." [Ref]

In 1665 Daniel purchased William Evans's farm in Topsfield and moved there. [Ref] He was a selectman in Topsfield in 1668-9. [Ref]

On 3 Oct 1687, Daniel and two sons were assessed for taxes in Topsfield. They had one house, one barn, 32 acres, four oxen, seven cows, two sheep, two hogs and one horse. They were to pay 11s. 2d., one of the highest rates in town. [Ref]

The 26 Mar 1672 court at Ipswich fined Daniel, constable of Topsfield, for not returning his warrent for jurymen. [Ref]

Children of Daniel Boardman and Hannah Hutchinson:

  1. Joseph Boardman was born about 1662. He married Prudence Foster.
  2. Corp. Nathaniel Boardman was born about 1664. [Ref] He died on 7 Mar 1758 in Topsfield. [Ref] He married Abigail Rolfe of Newbury on 28 Jun 1710 [Ref] in Newbury. [Ref] She died on 11 Aug 1749 in Topsfield. [Ref][Ref] He had a son and a daughter. [Ref]
    He was a husbandman and carpenter. [Ref] He was commissioned quartermaster on 16 Aug 1723. [Ref] He was a selectman in 1723, 1727, 1728, 1730 and 1732. [Ref] He was a representative to the General Court in 1727, 1737, 1740 and 1741. [Ref] In the latter part of his life, he was referred to as 'gentleman'.
  3. Thomas Boardman was born on 15 Jul 1666 in Topsfield. [Ref][Ref 3;386] He probably settled in Cape Porpus, ME. [Ref]
  4. Hannah Boardman was born on 18 Feb 1670 in Topsfield. [Ref] She married Eleazer Putnam of Salem about 1693. [Ref]
  5. Mary Boardman married Ebenezer Foster of Ipswich on 23 Jan 1705/6 in Topsfield. [Ref]
  6. Wait John ("John") Boardman was born on 23 Aug 1676 in Topsfield. [Ref] He died on 2 Feb 1739. [Ref] He married Mary Billings of Preston on 4 May 1713. [Ref] Mary is said to be the daughter of Capt. William and Hannah (Sterry) Billings and the granddaughter of William Billings. She died on 24 May 1776. [Ref] They had nine children. [Ref] John was a husbandman. [Ref] He moved to Preston after his father's death. [Ref]
  7. David Boardman (twin) was born on 21 Jun 1682 in Topsfield. [Ref] He died on 1 Feb 1724/5, unmarried. [Ref]
  8. Jonathan Boardman (twin) was born on 21 Jun 1682 in Topsfield. [Ref] He died on 3 Oct 1723 in Topsfield [Ref], unmarried. [Ref] He was a labourer in Topsfield. [Ref]

Fourth Generation

JOSEPH BOARDMAN (abt 1662-1737) of Topsfield

Parents: Daniel Boardman and Hannah Hutchinson

Joseph Boardman was born about 1662. [Ref] He died on 18 May 1737 in Topsfield. [Ref] He married Prudence Foster on 17 Feb 1696/7 in Topsfield. [Ref][Ref] Joseph's widow Prudence died on 28 Oct 1755 in Topsfield. [Ref]

Joseph was a yeoman and a house carpenter. [Ref] He lived on the late James Manning's farm in Topsfield. [Ref]

On 13 Nov 1734 Joseph Boardman left his two daughters, Abigail Cummings and Hannah Perkins, all of his estate, real and personal, which was not otherwise desposed of, at his and his wife's decease. [Ref, p. 10] In 1742, the widow Prudence and her two daughters sold Joseph's property in Topsfield to Abigail's son Elisha Cummings. [Ref, p. 10]

Children of Joseph Boardman and Prudence Foster:

  1. Abigail Boardman was born on 8 Sep 1700 in Topsfield. She died on 5 Oct 1771. [Ref] She married Isaac Cummings.
  2. Hannah Boardman was born on 16 Aug 1703 in Topsfield. [Ref] She died on 27 Apr 1783 in Topsfield. [Ref] She married first Jacob Perkins [Ref] on 5 Dec 1721 in Topsfield. [Ref] She married second John Batchelder of Topsfield on 23 Aug 1763. [Ref]
  3. Prudence Boardman [Ref]

Fifth Generation


Parents: Joseph Boardman and Prudence Foster [Ref, p. 26][Ref, p. 10]

Abigail Boardman was born on 8 Sep 1700 [Ref, p. 11] in Topsfield. [Ref] She died on 5 Oct 1771. [Ref][Ref, p. 26][Ref, p. 10] She married Isaac Cummings of Ipswich on 8 Mar 1716/7 [Ref][Ref, p. 26][Ref, p. 10] in Topsfield. [Ref

Abigail and her sister Hannah inherited their father's homestead, lying partly in Topsfield and partly in Ipswich. They sold it to Abigail's son Elisha Cummings in Dec 1742. [Ref][Ref, p. 10]


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