Some Descendants of Elisha Bourne (Richard) and Patience Skiff of Sandwich

  1. Nathan Bourne was born on 31 Aug 1676 [RRB] in Sandwich. [VRBS 'last of August'] He died in 1770 in Sandwich. [RRB] He married Mary Bassett on 3 Feb 1697/8 in Sandwich. [RRB does not give the location][VRBS] Mary was the daughter of William Bassett and Rachel Willison of Barnstable. [RRB] She was born on 20 Oct 1676 and died on 18 Dec 1733. [RRB]
    Nathan was a shipwright and he owned the Charming Betty, the first packet between Sandwich and Boston in 1717. [RRB] He owned extensive property in Sandwich and Hanover. [RRB] He was a member of the Sandwich church. [RRB]
    1. Maria Bourne was born on 24 May 1699 in Sandwich. [VRBS]
    2. Jonathan Bourne was born on 21 Jan 1702/3 in Sandwich. [VRBS]
    3. Elizabeth Bourne was born on the "last day of" Jun 1704 in Sandwich. [VRBS]
    4. John Bourne was born on the "last day of" Jul 1706 in Sandwich. [VRBS]
    5. Nathan Bourne was born on 16 Jan 1709/10 in Sandwich. [VRBS]
    6. Elisha Bourne was born on 27 Jul 1711 in Sandwich. [VRBS]
    7. Mary Bourne was born on 12 Aug 1714 in Sandwich. [VRBS] Mary Bourne of Sandwich married as his second wife Israel Tupper of Sandwich on 1 Aug 1734 in Sandwich. [MVRS]
    8. Thomas Bourne was born on 16 May 1716 in Sandwich. [VRBS]
  2. Elizabeth Bourne was born on 26 Mar 1679 in Sandwich. [RRB does not give the location][VRBS] She died on 15 Apr 1715 in Sandwich. [RRB] She married John Pope of Dartmouth on 2 Jan 1699/1700 in Sandwich. [VRBS][RRB no location or residence and the year is 1699]
  3. Mary Bourne was born on 4 Feb 1681/2 [RRB] in Sandwich [VRBS 4 Feb 1681] She died between 13 Aug 1737 and 3 Apr 1738. [RRB] She married John Percival, the son of James and Mary (Rainsford) Percival of Barnstable on 3 Jun 1703 in Sandwich. [RRB does not give the location] [VRBS does not give his parents] They had two sons and six daughters. [RRB]
  4. Abigail Bourne was born on 22 Jul 1684 [RRB][VRBS says 23 Aug] She died in Jan 1764. [RRB] She married William Bassett, the brother of Nathan's wife Mary, on 3 Feb 1708/9. [RRB] They had nine sons and three daughters. [RRB]
  5. Bathsheba Bourne was born on 12 Dec 1686 [RRB] in Sandwich [VRBS 12 or 20 Dec 1686; two records] She married Micah Blackwell on 10 Nov 1715. [RRB]
  6. Hannah Bourne was born on 4 May 1689. [RRB] in Sandwich. [VRBS 'last of August'] She died on 18 Mar 1744/5 in Sandwich. [RRB] She married Seth Pope. They had a son and two daughters. [RRB]
  7. Elisha Bourne died 10 Dec 1710 in Sandwich. [VRBS 'son of Elisha', the year is illegible in the records, but the editors say that his grave says 1710]


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