The BRADISH Family of Cambridge in Middlesex co., Massaachusetts

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ROBERT BRADISH (d. 1657/9) of Cambridge m. Mary Unknown
MARY BRADISH m. Matthew Gibbs


First Generation

ROBERT BRADISH (d. 1657/9) of Cambridge

Parents: Unknown

Robert died between 12 (3) 1657, when his will was written, and 28 (7) 1659, when inventory was taken. [Ref] Robert married first Mary Unknown. Mary died in Sept 1638 in Braintree or Cambridge. [Ref][Ref] Robert married second Vashti Unknown. Vashti was alive on 29 Oct 1659, when she deposed on her husband's will. [Ref]

On 28 Aug 1635 "John Steele of the New towne" sold Robert Bradish all his land in Newtowne [Cambridge]. [Ref, entry for John Steele] On 8 Feb 1635/6 Robert was living on the southwest corner of Crooked Street in Cambridge. [Ref]

His wife kept a bakeshop. [Ref]

Robert's estate amounted to about £207. Unusually, he left his entire estate, both in Boston and in Cambridge, to Vashti for as long as she lived. He mentions his sons James and John, his son-in-law Ezekiel Morrell, his son Joseph, his daughter Mary Gibbs, his daughter Hannah and his 'brother Isaac Morrell' - presumably Ezekiel's father. [Ref]

Children of Robert Bradish and Mary Unknown:

  1. James Bradish was mentioned first of the children in his father's will so perhaps he is the eldest son of Robert and Mary.
  2. Hannah Bradish presumably married Ezekiall Morrell.
  3. Mary Bradish married Matthew Gibbs. [Ref says 'prob. w. of Matthew of Sudbury'.] Her father left her a 'flocke bed' after the decease of her mother. [Ref]
  4. Joseph Bradish was born in May 1638 in Cambridge. [Ref][Ref] A Joseph and Mary Bradish had a daughter Hannah on 14 Jan 1669 in Sudbury and a son Joseph on 2 - 8 Nov 1672 in Sudbury; confusingly, a Joseph and Mary Bradish also had a son Joseph in Dec 1672 in Framingham. [Ref] Savage says that Joseph was of Sudbury and had four children there. [Ref] A Mary Bradish, perhaps his widow, married John Green on 22 Nov 1684 in Cambridge. [Ref] Savage says that Joseph Bradish, a pirate sent to London and executed with Captain Kidd in 1699, was probably Joseph's son. [Ref cites 'let. of John Higginson in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 210'.]

    Joseph Bradish ran away with the 400-ton ship the Adventure, leaving its crew stranded on a remote Indian island. He brought the vessel to Montauk in late 1698 or early 1699 and sunk it between Montauk and Block Island. He and a companion were arrested when they returned to Boston. With the collusion of the jailor's maidservant they escaped, but were subsequently recaptured. [Ref] Joseph was shipped to London on the H.M.S. Advice, along with Capt. Kidd and other pirates. He was hanged at Hope Dock in London in 1700. [Ref]

Children of Robert Bradish and Vashti Unknown: All listed in the early Boston records as born in Cambridge. [RefRef]

  1. Samuel Bradish was born on 3 (12) 1639 in Cambridge or Braintree. [Ref] He died there or in Braintree on 6 (5) 1642. [Ref]
  2. John Bradish was born on 3 (10) 1645.
  3. Samuel Bradish was born on 28 (9) 1648 was buried on 9 (10) 1648 in Cambridge. [RefRef]

Second Generation


Parents: Robert Bradish and Mary Unknown

Mary Bradish married Matthew Gibbs. [Ref, p. 714]


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