The BRUCE Family of Woburn in Middlesex co., Massachusetts

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GEORGE BRUCE (d. by 1701) of Woburn m. Elizabeth Clark
MARGERY BRUCE (m. 1704) m. Isaac Walker

First Generation

GEORGE BRUCE (d. by 1659)

Parents: Unknown

George Bruce died before 21 Jul 1701, when he is referred to as deceased in a deed. [Ref] He may have been the George Bruce who died on 13 Aug 1692 in Woburn, but the record 'George Bruce, s. of __ d. 13 Aug 1692' looks more like a child's. [Ref] He married Elizabeth Clark on 20 Dec 1659 in Woburn. [Ref]

No connection between George and Thomas Bruce of Sudbury and Marlborough has been found. [Ref]

George Brush [sic] was a freeman in Woburn on 18 Apr 1690. [Ref]

Samuel Walker, the future father-in-law of George's daughter Margery, petitioned the Middlesex county Court at Cambridge to allow him to sell 'strong waters'. His petition, granted in Apr 1662, was signed by many residents of Woburn, including George Bruce. [Ref]

Children of George Bruce and Elizabeth Clark:

  1. William Bruce was born on 21 Nov 1660 in Woburn. [Ref] He died on 1 Jan 1661 in Woburn. [Ref]
  2. William Bruce was born on 20 Oct 1661 in Woburn. [Ref] He died on 3 Nov 1661 in Woburn. [Ref]
  3. Elizabeth Bruce was born on 26 Jan 1663 in Woburn. [Ref] She presumably died young.
  4. Mary Bruce was born on 15 Jun 1665 [Ref] in Woburn. [Ref] She married first Walter Cranston on 4 Jun 1683 in Woburn. [Ref][Ref gives only the name] She married second John Brook on 30 Dec 1684 or 30 Jan 1685. [Ref] John, the son of John and Eunice (Mousall) Brook was born on 1 Mar 1664 and died in 1733. [Ref] She married third Peter Hay of Stoneham on 15 Jan 1734. [Ref]
  5. William Bruce was born on 28 Apr 1667 in Woburn. [Ref] William of Woburn married Elizabeth Gould, widow of Woburn, on 15 Mar 1693 in Charlestown. [Ref]
  6. John Bruce was born on 18 Jun 1670 [Ref] in Woburn. [Ref] He married Rose Wattle on 31 Jan 1693 in Woburn. [Ref] She died on 21 Sep 1723, aged about 53, and is buried in the First Burial Ground of Woburn. [Ref]
  7. Elizabeth Bruce was born on 24 Aug 1672 in Woburn. [Ref] She married Ebenezer Swan on 2 Mar 1698 in Woburn. [Ref]
  8. George Bruce was born and died on 18 Jan 1674 in Woburn. [Ref]
  9. Joseph Bruce was born on 11 Jan 1675 in Woburn. [Ref] He died on 18 Aug 1692 in Woburn. [Ref]
  10. Joseph Bruce was born on 29 Dec 1676 in Woburn. [Ref]
  11. Samuel Bruce was born on 28 Mar 1680 in Woburn. [Ref]
    On 21 Jul 1701 Samuel Bruce, a mariner late of Woburn, sold his brother Joseph Bruce of Woburn all of his interest in his deceased father George Bruce's estate. [Ref]
  12. Margery Bruce was born on 24 Apr 1684 in Woburn. She married Isaac Walker on 20 Feb 1704.
  13. Lydia Bruce was born on 10 Apr 1687 in Woburn. [Ref]

Second Generation


Parents: George Bruce [Ref , p. 689] and Elizabeth Clark [Ref, p. 6]

Margery Bruce was born on 24 Apr 1684 in Woburn. [Ref] She married Isaac Walker on 20 Feb 1704 [Ref, p. 689][Ref, p. 6] in Woburn. [Ref]

On 8 Mar 1764 Rev. Timothy Walker wrote in his diary, "Visited Aunt Walker." [Ref, p. 30] on 18 Mar 1764 he wrote "In ye evening visited old Aunt Walker being very bad." [Ref, p. 31]


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