The BULKELEY Family of Haughton in Shifnal and Woore, both in Shropshire and Oakeley and Odell, both in Bedfordshire; including a royal descent for Elizabeth Grosvenor

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PETER BULKELEY of Haughton m. Nicholas Bird, daughter of Thomas Bird
JOHN BULKELEY of Haughton m. Arderne Fitley, daughter of John Fitley of Woore
HUGH DE BULKELEY m. Helen Wilbraham, daughter of William Wilbraham
HUMPHREY BULKELEY of Woore m. Grisell Molton, the daughter of John Molton of Molton
WILLIAM BULKELEY of Oakley m. Beatrice Hill, the daughter of William Hill of Bunsingstall
THOMAS BULKELEY (abt 1515-1591) of Woore m. Elizabeth Grosvenor (royal descent)
JOHN IRBY of Cawthorpe m. Rose, the daughter of Guthlac Overton
REV. EDWARD BULKELEY, DD (b. abt 1547) of Odell, Bedford m. OLIVE IRBY (b. c. 1547)
FRANCES BULKELEY (d. 1610) m. Richard Welby

First Generation


Parents: Unknown

Peter married Nicola, daughter and heiress of Thomas Bird. [Ref]

Children of Peter Bulkeley of Haughton:

  1. John Bulkeley married Arderne Fitley.

Second Generation


Parents: Peter Bulkeley and Nicola Bird [Ref]

John Bulkely married Arderne, the daughter and heiress of John Fitley of Woore. [Ref]

Children of John Bulkeley and Arderne Fitley:

  1. Hugh de Bulkeley married Helen Wilbraham.

Third Generation


Parents: John Bulkeley and Ardern Fitley [Ref]

Hugh de Bulkeley married Helen, the daughter of Thomas Wilbraham of Woore. [Ref]

Children of Hugh de Bulkeley and Helen Wilbraham:

  1. Margaret Bulkeley married Thomas Tattersall. [Ref]
  2. Mabel Bulkeley married Sir Laurence Wande. [Ref]
  3. Humphrey Bulkeley married Grisell Molton.

Fourth Generation


Parents: Hugh de Bulkeley and Helen Wilbraham [Ref]

Humphrey Bulkeley married Grisell, the daughter and heiress of John Molton of Molton. [Ref]

Humphrey was of Woore. [Ref]

Children of Humphrey Bulkeley and Grisell Molton:

  1. William Bulkeley married Beatrice Hill.

Fifth Generation


Parents: Humphrey Bulkeley and Grisell Molton [Ref]

William Bulkeley married Beatrice, the daughter of William Hill of Bunsingstall. [Ref]

William was of Oakley. [Ref]

Children of William Bulkeley and Beatrice Hill:

  1. Thomas Bulkeley married Elizabeth Grosvenor.

Sixth Generation

THOMAS BULKELEY (abt 1515-1591) of Woore

Parents: William Bulkeley and Beatrice Hill [Ref][Ref]

Thomas Bulkeley was born about 1515. [Ref] He died in 1591 and is buried at Market Drayon. [Ref] He married Elizabeth Grosvenor, the daughter of Randall and Anne (Charlton) Grosvenor of Bellaport. [Ref] Through her mother, it is claimed that Elizabeth is a descendant of King Henry II.

Elizabeth was born about 1515. [Ref] Her father left her a bay filly in his 1559 will. [Ref]

Thomas was of Woore in Salopshire. [Ref][Ref] He was also of Buntingsdale (in Market Drayton), Shropshire. [Ref]

Children of Thomas Bulkeley and Elizabeth Grosvenor:

  1. Rowlend Bulkeley marred Margaret, the daghter of William Hill of Stoke. [Ref] Rowland was of Woore. [Ref]
  2. Margaret Bulkeley married Thomas Smythe. [Ref]
  3. Anne Bulkeley married William Greene. [Ref]
  4. Catherine Bulkeley married George Baker of Coalshurst [?]. [Ref]
  5. Rev. Edward Bulkeley married Olive Irby.

JOHN IRBY of Cawthorpe

Parents: Unknown

John Irby married Rose, the daughter of Guthlac Overton. [Ref]

John Irby, gentleman, was of Leighthorpe (in Cawthorpe), Lincolnshire. [Ref]

Children of John Irby and Rose Overton:

  1. Olive Irby was born about 1547. She married Rev. Edward Bulkeley.

Seventh Generation

REV. EDWARD BULKELEY, DD (b. abt 1540) of Odell

Parents: Thomas Bulkeley and Elizabeth Grosvenor [Ref][Ref]

Rev. Edward Bulkeley was born about 1540. [Ref] He married Olive Irby.[Ref]

Edward matriculated at St. John's College, Cambridge. [Ref] He received his BA in 1559/60, his BD in 1569 and his DD in 1578. [Ref] He was a Fellow in 1560. [Ref] He was curate of St. Mary's, Shrewsbury in 1550. [Ref] He was prebend of Chester. [Ref] He was minister at Odell. [Ref]

OLIVE IRBY (b. abt 1547)

Parents: John Irby and Rose Overton

Olive Irby was born about 1547. [Ref] She married Rev. Edward Bulkeley.

Children of Rev. Edward Bulkeley and Olive Irby:

  1. Frances Bulkeley married Richard Welby.
  2. Martha Bulkeley married Abraham Mellowes by about 1595. [Ref] Abraham died between 23 Apr 1638 and 30 Dec 1638 in Charlestown. [Ref] Martha and Abraham were admitted to Charlestown church on the 19th day of a month late in 1633, probably Oct. [Ref] They had six children. [Ref]
  3. Dorcas Bulkeley was born about 1577. [Ref] She was buried on 21 Oct 1616 in Fishtoft, Lincolnshire. [Ref] She married Rev. Anthony Ingoldsby after 10 Dec 1598, when they obtained a license, as his third wife. [Ref] He was buried on 26 Apr 1627. [Ref]
    Anthony was ordained priest on 26 Mar 1586. He was the rector of Fishtoft 1586-1627. [Ref]
  4. Elizabeth Bulkeley was born about 1579. [Ref] She died on 14 Oct 1643 in Boston, MA. [Ref] She married first Richard Wittingham. [Ref] Richard, gentleman of Sutterton, Lincolnshire, was the son of Baruch Wittingham. [Ref] He died between 6 Mar 1615, when he signed his will, and 11 Apr 1616, when it was proved. [Ref, p. 30] They had one son. [Ref] Richard mentions his neice Olive Welby in his his will. He also mentions his father-in-law "Mr. Doctor Bulkeley" and his brother-in-law Peter Bulkeley. [Ref, p. 30-31] She married second Atherton Hough on 9 Jan 1617/8 in Boston, Lincolnshire. [Ref] He died on 11 Sep 1650. [Ref] He married second Susanna (Hutchinson) Storre, widow of Augustine Storre. [Ref] Elizabeth and Atherton had one son. [Ref]
  5. Sarah Bulkeley married Oliver St. John. He married second Alice Haselden. Oliver of Heishoe, Bedforshire, gentleman, made his will on 13 Mar 1625. [Ref] It was proved on 1 May 1626. [Ref] He mentions his brother-in-law Mr Peter Bulkeley, to whom he left his black mourning cloak and 13s 4d to make a ring. [Ref]
  6. Rev Peter Bulkeley was born on 31 Jan 1582 in Odell. [Ref] He died between 28 Feb 1658, when he added to his will, and 20 (4) 1658, when it was deposed. [Ref] He married first Jane Allen on 12 Apr 1613 in Goldington, Bedfordshire. [Ref] Jane was the daughter of Thomas and Mary (Fairclough) Allen. [Ref] In his will of 5 Jan 1634, Thomas Allen of Little Waltham, Essex, refers to Peter 'Buckley', clerk, as his son-in-law and Mrs. Alice St. John, widow, of Gouldington, Bedfordshire, as his daughter-in-law. [Ref] Peter married second Grace Chitwood, the daughter of Richard and Dorothy (Needham) Chitwood. [Ref]

    21 Apr 1669. Mrs Grace Bulkeley ye widow of Mr Peter Bulkeley, sometime pastor of the church of Concord, deceased. She was a woman of great piety and wisdom and died in a good old age. Her sickness was long and very afflictive. She was sick 3 months before she died. She had not the use of her understanding but by fits the greatest part of her sickness. Apr 25.69 (being Sabbath day) she was interred. [Ref]

    Grace Chitwood was the sister of Jane Chitwood of West Helton, Salop. [Ref] In her will of 6 May 1643, Jane left her brother, Mr Robert Chitwood, £100. If he did not survive, the money was to go to her sister 'Mrs Backley in New England'. Grace is also mentioned in the 3 Sep 1616 will of Elizabeth Nedham of West Helton who refers to her sister's husband Sir Richard Chitwood and what appear to be a number of his children, including Grace. [Ref]

    Peter matriculated at St. John's, Cambridge, receiving his BA in 1604/5 and his MA in 1608. [Ref] He was ordained priest in 1608. [Ref] He was canon at Litchfield in 1609. [Ref] He was university preacher in 1610. [Ref] He was rector of Odell on 12 Jan 1609/10. [Ref] He became increasingly Puritan and non-conformist and in 1643 he was suspended. [Ref]

    A Peter Bulkeley, age 50, is on a 9 May 1635 list of passengers to be transported to New England on the Susan and Ellen. A Grace Bulkeley, age 33, is on an 8 May 1635 list of passengers to be transported to New England on the Elizabeth and Ann. [Ref]

    In his will Peter mentions his wife; sons Edward, John, Eleazer, Peter, Joseph, Gershom; deceased son Thomas and Thomas's widow; daughter Dorothy. [Ref]

  7. Paul Bulkeley died at Cambridge. [Ref]
  8. Nathaniel Bulkeley. [Ref]
  9. Mary Bulkeley
  10. Judith Bulkeley
  11. Deborah Bulkeley
  12. four unknown daughters

Eighth Generation


Parents: Rev. Edward Bulkely and Olive Irby

Frances Bulkeley was buried in 1610 in Moulton. [Ref, p. 30] She married Richard Welby [Ref] in 1595 in Whaplode, Lincolnshire. [Ref, p. 30]

Royal Descent for Elizabeth Grosvenor (Due to Weis [Ref] and John Mcewen (email message)):

  1. Anne Charlton (abt 1480-1559/60) of Bellaport
  2. Richard Charlton and Anne (Elizabeth) Mainwaring, daughter of William Mainwaring and Margaret Warren
  3. Robert Charlton (d. 1471) and Mary, daughter of Robert Corbet of Morton
  4. Thomas de Knightly de Charlton (30 Mar 1394-4 Jan 1460) and Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Robert Francis of Foremark
  5. Anna de Charleton and William de Knightly, son of Richard Knightly of Fawesley, Northampton.
  6. Thomas de Charleton (1345-6 Oct 1387) of Aply, Salop
  7. Alan de Charleton (abt 1318/9-3 May 1349) and Margery Fitz Aer (4 Apr 1314-1349)
  8. Elena la Zouche and Alan de Charlton (d. 3 Dec 1360) of Aply, Salop
  9. Alan la Zouche (1267-1313/4), Baron Zouche of Ashby, and Eleanor, daughter of Sir Nicholas Segrave, first Lord Segrave
  10. Ela Longspee and Sir Roger la Zouche (d. 1285), Baron Zouche of Ashby
  11. Stephen Longspee (d. 1260) and Emeline de Ridelisford
  12. William Longspee (d. 1226), Earl of Salisbury, and Ela
  13. King Henry II


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