The BUTLER Family of Ipswich in Essex co., Massachusetts

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LIEUT. WILLIAM BUTLER (abt 1651/3-1730) of Ipswich m. Sarah Cross
SARAH BUTLER (b. 1680) m. Job Giddings


First Generation

LIEUT. WILLIAM BUTLER (abt 1651/3-1730) of Ipswich

Parents: Unknown

William Butler was born about 1651/3. Lieut. William Butler of Chebacco died on 2 Aug 1730 in Ipswich. [Ref][Ref] He married first Sarah Cross [Ref] in 1675. [Ref] He married second Mary Ingalls on 2 Jul 1703. [Ref] Mary, the daughter of Samuel and Ruth (Eaton) Ingalls, was born on 13 Mar 1668. [Ref] He married third Abigail Metcalf after 3 Oct 1713, when they published their intention. [Ref] Abigail married next Lieut. Simon Wood on 16 Jun 1731. [Ref] She died on 16 Oct 1732, age 67. [Ref]

William's birth is inferred from depositions. William Butler, age 21, testified in the 26 Mar 1672 court case of Stephen Cross v. John Todd. [Ref] In 15 Apr 1675 William deposed that he was 22. [Ref] On 27 Nov 1682 William deposed that he was about 30. [Ref]

William refers to his "father Cross" in a deed. [Ref]

William began in modest circumstances as a servant of William Coggswell. [Ref] He accumulated a substantial estate, however; his inventory amounted to £1,400. [Ref]. He does not appear to have ever held a public office. He was a freeman on 11 Oct 1682 in Ipswich. [Ref]

The 29 Sep 1668 court at Ipswich heard the case of William Coggswell v. John Burnam. Coggswell sued Burnam for letting his swine trespass in his barley. Robert Cross, Sr and his son Robert deposed that Cogswell had asked them to see the damage. William Butler deposed that he had seen the hogs in the barley. [Ref]

The Chebacco church was established in 1683 on land donated by William Coggswell. William and Robert Cross, Sr. signed the 1678 and 1679 petitions of inhabitants of Chebacco requesting a meeting house. [Ref]

In a 23 Dec 1701 deed, William Butler, Sr, farmer of Chebacco in Ipswich, refers to his son-in-law Job Giddings. [Ref] In a 29 Jan 1711 deed he conveyed land to his son Ralph. [Ref]

In his will of 6 Oct 1724, proved 18 Aug 1730, William mentions his wife Abigail, his former wife Mary, the children of his son William, sons Thomas and Ralph, sons Samuel and John, when they come of age, daughters Sarah Bayley, Hannah Andrews, Elizabeth Burnam, daughter Mary Butler, grandson Job Giddings and granddaughter Sarah Bennett. [Ref]

Children of William Butler and Sarah Cross. The first four are recorded in Ipswich. [Ref]

  1. William Butler was born on 1 Jun 1677. He died on 25 May 1723 in Ipswich. [Ref] He married Susannah Coggswell. [Ref] Susanna was the daughter of William and Susanna Coggswell. [Ref] She was born in 1689 and died on 1 Oct 1769. [Ref] She married second Jacob Perkins after 10 Feb 1728/9, when they published their intention. [Ref] Jacob, born in Chebacco on 9 Nov 1678, was the great-grandson of immigrant John Perkins and grandson of Quartermaster John Perkins. [Ref] William Butler and Susanna Coggswell had six children. [Ref]
  2. Sarah Butler was born on 23 Jul 1680. She married first Job Giddings. She married second John Bailey.
  3. Ralph Butler was born on 15 Sep 1682. He died in May 1684 in Ipswich. [Ref]
  4. Thomas Butler was born on 15 Sep 1682. He married first Abigail Andros. [Ref] He married second Martha Storrey. [Ref]
  5. Ralph Butler was born in 1684. [Ref] He married Mary Marshall after 2 Feb 1711/2, when they published their intention. [Ref]
  6. Hannah Butler married Joseph Andros (Andrews) on 1 Nov 1704. [Ref]
  7. Elizabeth Butler married Joseph Burnam after 1 Dec 1717, when they published their intention. [Ref]

Children of William Butler and Mary Ingalls:

  1. Mary Butler married Daniel Giddings, Jr on 30 Mar 1726. [Ref] Given the date of her marriage, Mary could have been Sarah's daughter, but her name suggests that she is the daughter of Mary Ingalls.
  2. Samuel Butler must have been born after 1703. [Ref] He died in 1733. [Ref] He was probably the son of Mary Ingalls.
  3. John Butler must have been born after 1703. [Ref] He married Hannah Perkins on 16 Apr 1730. [Ref] He must have been the son of Mary Ingalls.

Second Generation

SARAH BUTLER (b. 1680)

Parents: William Butler and Sarah Cross

Sarah Butler was born on 23 Jul 1680 in Chebacco parish, Ipswich. [Ref][Ref] She married first Job Giddings. He died on 27 Feb 1708. [Ref] She married second, as his second wife, John Bailey of Newbury after 6 Oct 1711, when their intention was published. [Ref] John was the son of Joseph and Priscilla (Putnam) Bailey. [Ref] He was born on 4 Apr 1648 in Newbury. [Ref] He died between 20 May, when he signed his will, and 4 Jan 1747/8, when administration was granted on his estate. [Ref] He married first Mary Bartlett in July 1700. [Ref] She died on 19 Mar 1707/8. [Ref]

Sarah was granted administration of her husband Job's estate on 4 Apr 1709. She received one third. [Ref]

Children of Sarah Butler and John Bailey:

  1. Priscilla Bailey was born on 29 Aug 1712. [Ref] She married Peter Merrill, Jr. after 7 Oct 1733 (int.). [Ref]
  2. Daniel Bailey was born on 20 Jul 1714. [Ref] He married Elizabeth Willit after 11 Sep 1736 (int.). [Ref] He moved to Falmouth, ME. [Ref]
  3. Hannah Bailey was born in Jun 1717. [Ref] She married James Merrill after 4 Aug 1733 (int.). [Ref]
  4. Capt. William Bailey was born on 10 Oct 1719. [Ref] He died on 23 Aug 1788. [Ref] He married first Anna Lowell of Amesbury on 25 Nov 1742. [Ref] She died on 18 Feb 1774 at age 50. [Ref] He married second Mary Unknown. [Ref] He was a shipbuilder. [Ref]
  5. James Bailey was born on 12 May 1722. [Ref] He married Abigail Plummer after 29 Sep 1744 (int.). [Ref] He was a cordwainer. [Ref]
  6. Abigail Bailey was born on 14 Jan 1724/5. [Ref] She married James Chase of Newbury on 25 Mar 1745/6. [Ref]


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