The CHUTE Family of Brampton and Dedham in England and Ipswich and Rowley in Massachusetts

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LIONEL CHUTE (d. 1592) of Brampton
LIONEL CHUTE (d. 1644/5) of Dedham, Essex, England and Ipswich m. Thomasin Barker
JAMES CHUTE (bp. 1614) of Ipswich m. Elizabeth Epps
JAMES CHUTE (b. abt 1649) of Ipswich and Rowley m. Mary Wood
HANNAH CHUTE (b. 1700 - 1878) m. Timothy Jackman

First Generation

LIONEL CHUTE (d. 1592) of Brampton

Parents: Dudley [Ref] presents an ancient pedigree that traces Lionel's family back to Alexander Chewte of Taunton, co. Somerset, who was living in 1580. He notes that he cannot vauch for its accuracy. The Chute Family Homepage disputes some of the details and claims that Lionel was the son of Arthur Chute and his second wife, Elizabeth See.

Lionel died between 24 Jul 1592, when he wrote his will, and 1 Aug 1592, when it was proved. [Ref] He married a daughter of Stephen Greene. [Ref] He mentions his wife Susan in his will.

In his will, Lionel of Brampton, clerk, asked to be buried in the chancery there. He left his son Lionel the 'graye nagge' that he rode to Ipswich. He gave his daughters Grace, Sarah and Judith each a cow. He left the residue of his estate to his wife Susan. [Ref]

Children of Lionel Chute:

  1. Lionel Chute died on 7 Nov 1645 in Ipswich. He married Rose Baker.
  2. George Chute [Ref]
  3. Charles Chute [Ref]
  4. Judith Chute married John Edmonson. [Ref]
  5. Grace Chute
  6. Sarah Chute

Second Generation

LIONEL CHUTE (d. 1644/5) of Dedham, Essex, England and Ipswich

Parents: Lionel Chute [Ref]

Lionel died between 4 May 1644, when he signed his will, and 25 Feb 1644/5, when inventory was taken on his estate. [Ref] He married first Thomasin Barker on 19 Nov 1612 in Belstead, Suffolk. [Ref] He married second Rose Unknown.

It was generally thought that Lionel had only one wife, but the parish registers of Belstead, Suffolk indicate that Lionel Chute had an early wife, Thomasin Barker. The parish of Belstead is six miles from Dedham, where Lionel's first son was baptised fourteen months later. [Ref] According to an old pedigree, Lionel married a daughter of Robert Baker. [Ref] It is not known if Thomasin's father was named Robert.

He left a widow Rose and most sources, not realising that Lionel had an earlier wife, identify her as Rose Baker. Lionel's widow Rose is believed to have married Matthew Whipple [Ref], but no record of the marriage has been found. [Ref] Matthew, the son of Matthew, was born about 1590 in Bocking, Essex and died on 28 Sep 1647 in Ipswich. [Ref] He married first Ann Hawkins on 7 May 1622 in Bocking. [Ref] Rose survived him. [Ref] Fiske [Ref] argues that Rose might have been the Rose Clarke, daughter of Stephen Clarke and sister of Matthew's sister-in-law Susan (Clarke) Whipple, who was baptised on 11 Mar 1597/8 in Theydon Garnon, Essex.

A grammer school was set up in Ipswich in 1636 and it was kept by Lionel Chute. [Ref]

By a deed entered 1 Oct 1639, William Bartholomew sold Lionel Chute of Ipswich two acres of land with a house and a cow house and a six-acre planting lot. [Ref]

Lionel was a commoner of Ipswich on "the last day of the last month, 1641". [Ref]

Lionel was a schoolmaster in Ipswich when he made his will, signed on 4 (7) 1644 and proved 7 (9) 1645. Lionel's heirs were his wife Rose and his son James; he also left five shillings to his friend Joseph Morse and 20 shillings to the poor of the church of Ipswich. Lionel was not a wealthy man, net of debts his estate amounted to only about 84 pounds. [Ref]

Children of Lionel Chute and Thomasin Barker:

  1. James Chute was baptised on 2 Feb 1613/4 in Dedham. He married Elizabeth Epps.

Children of Lionel Chute and Thomasin Barker or Rose Unknown:

  1. Nathaniel Chute's father left clothes that had belonged to Nathaniel to James, suggesting that Nathaniel was dead by the time his father wrote his will. [Ref]
  2. Mary Chute was baptised on 23 Nov 1619 in Deham. [Ref]

Third Generation

JAMES CHUTE (bp. 1614) of Ipswich and Rowley

Parents: Lionel Chute [Ref, p. 458] and Thomasin Barker

James Chute was baptised on 2 Feb 1613/4 in Dedham, Essex, England. [Ref][Ref] He married Elizabeth Epps (Epes) in 1647. [Ref][Ref, p. 458, says about 1649]

Savage says that the Hon. Samuel Symonds names son James in his will, but that he may have meant that James was a son or son-in-law of Martha Epes or one of Samuel's other wives. [Ref]

James was an educated man, who often wrote wills and other legal documents. [Ref] He was styled Register of the Deeds in Ipswich. [Ref] In 1645 James was allowed to take a bushel of the constable's Indian corn for two sheets of parchment for the town's use. [Ref]

James is frequently referred to as Mr. Chute. [Ref]

In 1648 the town owed James a shilling for killing a fox. [Ref] He is on a 19 Dec 1648 list of taxpayers in Ipswich. [Ref]

Mr Chute was a witness for the case against Joseph Fowler, accused of stealing a hog, presented at the 22 (11) 1650 court at Salem. [Ref] On 30 Mar 1652 James Chute of Ipswich deposed in the case of Robert Lord v. Richard Moore. [Ref] On 2 and 3 Feb 1672 he testified in the case against John Leigh for unlawful familiarity with Sarah Row. [Ref]

He was on the trial jury at the 26 Sep 1665 and 26 Mar 1667 Ipswich courts. [Ref] He was on a jury of inquest on 27 Feb 1667. [Ref]

On 18 Dec 1668 James and Daniel Epps, Jr witnessed the will of Samuel Symonds, Jr, of Ipswich, gentleman. The will was proved on James's oath on 29 Nov 1669. [Ref]

James was fined for "railing": calling John Numan a dog and other things on 26 Mar 1678. [Ref]

James moved to Rowley in 1681. [Ref]

On 28 Sep 1682 Mr. James Chute, Sr. witnessed a deed. [Ref]

Children of James Chute and Elizabeth Epps:

  1. James Chute married Mary Wood. James is the only known surviving son of James and Elizabeth. [Ref, p. 458]

Fourth Generation

JAMES CHUTE (b. abt 1649) if Ipswich and Rowley

Parents: James Chute and Elizabeth Epps [Ref, p. 458]

James Chute, Jr. was born about 1649. James Chute married Mary Wood on 10 Nov 1673 in Ipswich. [Ref]

On 31 Mar 1668, James, aged 19, testified at the Ipswich court that he and two other young men had gone to work for Goodman Wood at Hog Island and that two dogs went with them. They said that they saw there Samuel Dutch and Jonathan Clark, who set the dogs on the hogs; that Goodman Wood's boys were not on the island; that John Wood came over with his oxen when it was nearly night. [Ref]

John Pulsifer was presented to the Court on 1 Apr 1679 for using James Chute, Jr's oxen without his knowledge or consent. [Ref]

Mary, the wife of James, deposed in a 26 Mar 1680 case. [Ref]

Children of James Chute and Mary Wood. The first six are recorded in Ipswich. [Ref] The last three are recorded in Rowley. [Ref]

  1. Mary Chute was born on 16 Sep 1674. She died on 10 Sep 1750. [Ref] She married Dea. John Cheney of Newbury on 7 Mar 1694/4 in Rowley or Newbury. [Ref][Ref] John was born on 10 May 1666 in Newbury and died on 2 Sep 1750. [Ref] He was the son of Peter and Hannah (Noyes) Cheney and the grandson of Dea. Nicholas Noyes and Mary Cutting. [Ref] He was a carpenter, miller and cloth finisher. [Ref] John and Mary lived in the second parish in Rowley. [Ref]
  2. Elizabeth Chute was born on 22 Jun 1676. She married first Andrew Stickney. Andrew is said to be the son of Amos and grandson of William Stickney. It is said that she married second Henry Lunt.
  3. Anne Chute was born on 9 Oct 1679. She married Ichabod Cheney after 5 Jan 1708/9, when they registered their intention in Rowley or Newbury. [Ref] [Ref] Ichabod, the brother of Anne's sister Mary's husband John, was born on 27 Sep 1685. [Ref] Anne married second Thomas Brown on 3 Dec 1712. [Ref]
  4. Lionel Chute was born on 15 Apr 1681. He married Hannah Cheney of Newbury on 10 Dec 1702 in Rowley. [Ref] (Intention on 21 Nov 1702 in Newbury [Ref]). Hannah, the brother of Lionel's sister Mary's husband John, was born on 12 Sep 1683. [Ref] Lionel and Hannah had nine children. [Ref]
  5. Rev. James Chute was born on 14 Jun 1686. He died of apoplexy on 31 Jan 1769 in Newbury. [Ref] He married first Mary Thurston of Newbury after 26 Jan 1715/6, when they registered their intention in Rowley or after 14 Jan 1715/6 when they registered their intention in Newbury. [Ref] [Ref] He married second Mrs Sarah Pearson of Rowley on 30 Mar 1761. [Ref] He married third Hannah Unknown; she died on 6 Dec 1776, at age 'nearly' 82 in Newbury. [Ref]
    some descendants of James Chute
  6. Thomas Chute was born on 30 Jan 1690. He was married to Mary Curtis of Boston by Dr Cotton Mather in 1712. [Ref] She died on 30 Jul 1762, age 70. [Ref] He lived in Boston and Marblehead for about 35 years. [Ref] He was a tailor, trader and deputy sheriff for Essex county. [Ref] In 1737/8 he moved to Windham, Maine. [Ref] The town of Windham was granted to 60 inhabitants of Marblehead and Thomas was 'undoubtedly' the first European settler. [Ref] He had four sons and five daughters. [Ref]
  7. Martha Chute was born on 15 Feb 1693 in Rowley. [Ref] She married Josiah Smith on 15 Apr 1712 in Newbury. [Ref]
  8. Ruth Chute was born on 2 Nov 1695 in Rowley. [Ref] She married William Hine of Marblehead after 15 Nov 1718, when they registered their intention in Rowley. [Ref]
  9. Hannah Chute was born on 8 Jul 1700 in Rowley. She married Timothy Jackman.

Fifth Generation

HANNAH CHUTE (1700 - 1787)

Parents: James Chute and Mary Wood

Hannah Chute was born on 8 Jul 1700 in Rowley. [Ref] She died in Jun 1787 in Newbury. [Ref] She married Timothy Jackman on 9 Apr 1723 in Newbury. [Ref]


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