Some Descendants of Philip Colby (Samuel,Anthony) and Anne Webster of Amesbury

  1. Ichabod Colby was born on 4 Jun 1704 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 25] He died between 9 Dec 1748, when he signed his will, and 27 Mar 1749, when it was proved. [CFEA, p. 63] He married Esther Nichols on 24 Jan 1723/4 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 25] Esther, the daughter of Thomas and Jane (Jameson) Nichols, was born on 11 Sep 1703 in Amesbury and survived her husband. [CFEA, pp. 62-3]
    Ichabod was an innholder in the East Parish of Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 63] Esther was admitted to full communion in the First Church in Amesbury on 19 Mar 1748/9. [CFEA, p. 25]
  2. Tabitha Colby was born on 20 Sep 1705 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 25] She died on 19 May 1787 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 63] She married Capt. Jonathan Barnard on 6 Oct 1725 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 25] Jonathan, the son of Samuel and Anne (Currier) Barnard was born on 8 Jul 1702 in Amesbury and died on 27 Sep 1770 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 63]
  3. Philip Colby was born on 2 May 1707 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 25] He died before 10 Dec 1746, when administration was taken on his estate. [CFEA, p. 64] He married Tabitha Weed on 4 Sep 1729 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 64] Tabitha, the daughter of Ephraim and Hannah (Annis) (Worthen) Weed, was born on 2 Apr 1711 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 64]
    Philip was a shipwright of the East Parish of Amesbury and Kingston, New Hampshire. [CFEA, p. 64] He was went to Cape Breton and must have there or soon after returning. [CFEA, p. 64]
  4. Nicholas Colby was born on 2 Oct 1709 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 25] He died on 25 Mar 1726 in Newbury. [CFEA, p. 25]
  5. Stephen Colby was born on 16 Jun 1712 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 25] He died in 1745 at Cape Breton in the French and Indian War. [CFEA, p. 65] He married Elizabeth Maxfield of Salisbury on 27 Mar 1737/8 in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. [CFEA, p. 65]
  6. Samuel Colby was born on 12 Jul 1714 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 25] He married Hannah Unknown. [CFEA, p. 65]


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