Some Descendants of Samuel Colby (Samuel,Samuel,Anthony) and Anna Nichols

  1. Samuel Colby was born on 30 Dec 1720 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 52] He married Sarah Ash on 19 Mar 1746/7 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 52] Sarah was the daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Brock) Ash. [CFEA, p. 52]
  2. Moses Colby was born on 26 Jun 1723 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 102] He was living in 1761 in Newton, New Hampshire. [CFEA, p. 102] He married Mary Sargeant on 24 Feb 1742/3 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 102]
    Moses was baptised on 18 Mar 1743/4 and both Moses and Mary renewed the covenant of the Second Church of Amesbury in 1744. [CFEA, p. 102]
  3. Aaron Colby was born on 13 Oct 1726. [CFEA, p. 52] He died before 30 Mar 1752 when administration on his estate was granted to his widow. [CFEA, p. 52] He married Elizabeth Colby of Amesbury in 1750 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 52]
  4. Gideon Colby was born on 13 May 1729. [CFEA, p. 52]
  5. Barzillai Colby was born on 22 Oct 1731. [CFEA, p. 52]
  6. Lydia Colby was born on 26 Jun 1735. [CFEA, p. 52] She married (perhaps) Timothy Smith of Haverhill on 1 Feb 1753 in Amesbury. [CFEA, p. 52]


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