The CRAFTS Family of Roxbury in Massachusetts

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LIEUT. GRIFFIN CRAFTS (d. 1689) of Roxbury m. Alice Unknown (abt 1600 - 1673)
HANNAH CRAFTS (d. 1692) m. Nathaniel Wilson

First Generation

LIEUT. GRIFFIN CRAFTS (d. 1689) of Roxbury

Parents: Unknown

Lieut. Griffin Crafts died on 4 Oct 1689 in Roxbury. [Ref] He married first Alice Unknown. She was buried on 26 : 1 m : 1673, age 73, in Roxbury. [Ref] Griffin married second the widow Robinson on 15 July 1673 in Dorchester. [Ref][Ref][Ref] Ursula (Adams) (Streeter) (Hosier) Robinson was the daughter of Henry Adams, and the widow of Samuel Streeter, Samuel Hosier and William Robinson. [Ref] She died on 20 Feb 1679. [Ref] He married third Dorcas (French) Peake, the daughter of Thomas French and the widow of Christopher Peake. [Ref] She died on 30 Dec 1697 in Roxbury. [Ref]

Griffin Crafts came to New England in 1630 and first settled in Roxbury. [Ref] He was a freeman on 18 May 1631. [Ref] Griffin Crafts had 30 acres in Roxbury in 1634/43. [Ref] He was deputy to the General Court from Roxbury eight times between 1639 and 1667. [Ref] He was appointed lieutenant of the military company of Roxbury in 1653. [Ref]

In his will, dated 18 May 1689, Griffin says that he had been "this several years past deprived ... of my natural sight." [Ref] The inventory on his estate was taken 27 Nov 1689 and came to £228 10s. [Ref]

Alice was admitted to the Roxbury church as member 46. [Ref]

Children of Griffin Crafts and Alice Unknown, all but Hannah born in Roxbury:

  1. Hannah Crafts was born in England. She died on 18 Aug 1692 in Newton. She married Nathaniel Wilson.
  2. John Crafts was born on 10 Jul 1630. [Ref][Ref (5) 1630][Ref] He died on 3 Oct 1685, age 55, in Roxbury. [Ref] He married first Rebecca Wheelock on 7 Jun 1654 in Roxbury. [Ref][Ref] She died in childbirth and was buried on 28 Nov 1667 in Roxbury. [Ref][Ref] He married second Mary Hudson of Lynn on 30 Mar 1669 in Roxbury. [Ref][Ref] He had a daughter born on 17 Feb 1674 in Roxbury. [Ref]
  3. Mary Crafts was born on 10 Oct 1632. [Ref][Ref][Ref] One record says that she died on 3 Jul 1653; another that she was buried on 30 Jun 1653. [Ref] She married Joseph Griggs by 1653. [Ref]
  4. Abigail Crafts was born on 28 Mar 1634. [Ref][Ref] She died on 19 Jan 1706/7 in Medfield. [Ref] She married first John Ruggles on 24 Jan 1650 in Roxbury. [Ref] She married second Ralph Day on 15 Nov 1659 in Dedham. [Ref] She married third Edward, the son of Henry Adams, on 7 Dec 1678 in Dedham. [Ref]
  5. Samuel Crafts was born on 12 Dec 1637. [Ref][Ref] He married Elizabeth Sever on 16 Oct 1661 in Roxbury. [Ref][Ref] He had a son and two daughters born in Roxbury. [Ref]
  6. Moses Crafts was born on 28 Apr 1641. [Ref] He married Rebecca Gardner on 24 Jun 1667 in Roxbury. [Ref] They had two sons and two daughters in Roxbury. [Ref]

A Samuel Crafts married Elizabeth Sharp on 25 Dec 1653 in Roxbury. [Ref]

Second Generation


Parents: Lt. Griffin Crafts and Alice Unknown

Hannah Crafts was born in England [Ref]. She died on 18 Aug 1692 in Newton. [Ref] She married Nathaniel Wilson on 2 Apr 1645 in Roxbury. [Ref]


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