Some descendants of Andrew Jackson Cummings (Rev. Cyrus, Nathaniel, Elisha, Isaac, Isaac, Dea. Isaac, Isaac) and Elizabeth Ellen Jones

  1. Charles Andrew Cummings was born on 8 Aug 1859 in Portland. [MBR] He died of a strangulated hernia on 18 Dec 1918, age 59, in Portland. [MDR] He was buried on 21 Dec 1918 in the Evergreen Cemetery in Portland. [MDR] He married Nellie Francis Bond [MMR, daughters marriage certificate] about 1887. [C1900] Nellie was born in Jul 1862[C1900] in Biddeford, Maine. [MMR, daughters marriage certificate]
    Charles was a life-long resident of Portland. [MDR]
    Charles was an engineer. [C1900][MDR] In 1900 Charles and Nellie were living in Portland. [C1900] In 1910 Charles, Nellie, Ralph and Evalina were living with Charles's father in Portland. [C1910]
    1. Ralph Grant Cummings was born on 8 May 1887 in Portland, Maine [MMR]. [WWIDC][, May 1887 in Maine] He married Jessie Florence Wright on 26 Jul 1914 (int. 20 Jul 1914) in Portland. [MMR] Jessie was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Drake) Wright. [MMR] She was born in New York City. [MMR]
      Ralph was an electrician. [C1900] At the time of their marriage Ralph was an elevator man and Jessie was a clerk. [MMR] According to his World War I draft card Ralph Grant was short, of medium build and had light blue eyes and brown hair. He worked as an elevator operator and had a wife and child. [WWIDC] In 1920 Ralph was single, living in a boarding house in Portland and working as an engineer. [C1920] In 1930 Ralph G., divorced, was living with his mother and daughter in Portland. He was working as an engineer. [C1930]
      1. Possibly living daughter.
    2. Evelina May Cummings was born in Jul 1894 in Maine. [C1900] She married Clarence Howard Thyng of Sanford, Maine on 1 Sep 1920 (int. 20 Aug 1920) in Portland. [MMR] Howard was the son of Howard L. and Mary E. (Baker) Thyng. [MMR] He was born on 29 Nov 1894 in Sanford, Maine. [MBR][SS] He died in Jan 1984. [SS]
      On 5 Jun 1917 Clarence was a teller in a bank. [WWIDC] At the time of their marriage, Howard was an assistant cashier and Evelina was a teacher. [MMR] In 1930 Clarence and Evelina lived in Sanford and Clarence was an assistant cashier at a bank. [C1930] On 18 Jul 1930 Clarence arrived in New York on the Bermuda from Hamilton, Bermuda. [NYPL]
      Clarence was tall, of medium build, with brown eyes and hair. [WWIDC]
      1. Clarence Howard Thyng, Jr. was born on 20 Jan 1924. (gravestone) He died on 17 Aug 1995 in Sanford, Maine, age 71. [MDI] He married Frances T. Unknown. She was born on 13 Sep 1925 and died on 20 Aug 2007. (gravestone) Clarence and Frances are buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Springvale, York County, Maine. Click here to see a photo of their grave.
        In 1930 Clarence was six and living with his parents in Sanford. [C1930]
      2. Possibly living daughter.


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