Some Descendants of John Cummings (Isaac,Isaac) and Susanna Town of Boxford

  1. Joseph Cummings was baptised on 26 Jan 1689/90 in Topsfield. [MVRT] He married Abigail Estey on 22 May 1712 in Topsfield. [MVRT] Abigail was the daughter of Isaac and Abigail (Kimball) Estey. [MVRT] She was baptised on 8 Jan 1692/3 in Topsfield. [MVRT] Abigail, the widow of Joseph, died of small pox on 10 Jan 1729/30 in Topsfield. [MVRT]
  2. John Cummings was baptised on 17 Jul 1692 in Topsfield. [MVRT]
  3. Isaac Cummings was born on 25 Dec 1695 in Topsfield. [MVRT] He was baptised on 14 Jun 1696 in Topsfield. [MVRT] He married Hannah Estey of Ipswich on 5 Jan 1720/1 in Ipswich. [MVRT] Hannah was the daughter of Isaac and Abigail (Kimball) Estey. [MVRT] She was born on 18 May 1702 in Topsfield. [MVRT]
  4. David Cummings was born on 15 Apr 1698 in Topsfield. [MVRT] He married Anna Unknown. [MVRT]
  5. Mary Cummings was born on 15 May 1700 in Topsfield. [MVRT] She married Nathaniel Hutchinson of Salem on 24 Jan 1722/3 in Topsfield. [MVRT] Nathaniel was the son of Benjamin and Jane (Phillips) Hutchinson. [MVRT] He was born on 3 May 1698 in Topsfield. [MVRT]
  6. Rebecca Cummings was baptised on 1 Nov 1713 in Topsfield. [MVRT] She married Thomas Perkins on 2 Feb 1730/1 in Topsfield. [MVRT]
  7. Samuel Cummings was born on 14 Feb 1708/9 in Topsfield. [MVRT] He married Susanna Hood on 7 Nov 1733 in Topsfield. [MVRT]
  8. Stebbins Cummings was born on 3 Aug 1706 in Topsfield. [MVRT]
    Stebbins was undoubtedly named after his uncle Stebbins, killed by Indians a month earlier.


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