Some Descendants of Thomas Cummings (Isaac,Isaac) and Mehitable Porter of Boxford

  1. Samuel Cummings was born in 3 Apr. 1706 [M, p. 16, Apr 1706] in Boxford. [MVRB, 3 Apr 170_]
  2. Mehitable Cummings was born on 31 Oct 1710 [M, p. 16] in Boxford. [MVRB] She married Oliver Andrews on 7 May 1740 [M, p. 16] in Boxford. [MVRB]
  3. Jacob Cummings was born on 21 Nov 1714 [M, p. 16] in Boxford. [MVRB, question mark on year] He died in 1803, age 88, in Boxford. [MVRB] He married Mary Unknown. Mary, the wife of Jacob, died on 2 Dec 1782 in Boxford. [MVRB]
    Perley [HB, p. 401] says that Thomas and Mary had four children, "one of whom, Jacob, lived here, and had seven children, two of whom were Dudley and Thomas, — two queer characters, whose non compos mentis state is well known to our older inhabitants."
  4. Abigail Cummings was born on 5 Jun 1717 [M, p. 16] in Boxford. [MVRB] She married first John Buswell on 16 Nov 1743 [M, p. 16] in Boxford. [MVRB] John was the son of John and Elizabeth Buswell. [MVRB] He was born on 11 Feb 1703 in Boxford. [MVRB] He was baptised on 21 Nov 1703 in Boxford. [MVRB] He died on 22 Feb 1750/1 in Boxford. [MVRB] The widow Abigail Buswell married second Jonathan Whipple of Danvers on 25 Oct 1757 in Boxford or Danvers. [MVRB][MVRD]


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