Some descendants of Relief Cummings (Nathaniel, Elisha, Isaac, Isaac, Dea. Isaac, Isaac) and Thomas H. Smith of Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts

  1. Ardelia Temple Smith was born on 22 Aug 1852 in Boston. [MTV] She married Dr. William Barnard Warren on 31 Oct 1883 in Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. [MTV] Warren was the son of Fayette and Mary Warren. [MTV] He was born on 16 Nov 1853 in Leominster, Massachusetts. [C1900, Nov 1853 in Massachusetts][PA][MTV]
    In 1860 Ardell was seven and living with her parents in Roxbury. [C1860] In 1900 Warren and Ardelle lived in Groton and Warren was a physician. [C1900] In 1910, 1920 and 1930 Ardelle was widowed and living in Groton. [C1910][C1920][C1930]
    1. Everett Thomas Warren was born on 20 Aug 1884 [SS] in Groton. [C1900, Aug 1884 in Massachusetts][MTV] He died in Jun 1968. [SS]
      In 1900 Everett was living with his parents in Groton. [C1900] In 1910 Everett was 25 and living with his mother in Groton. [C1910] In 1920 Everett was 35, working as a horse man at a stock farm and living with his mother in Groton. [C1920] Everett's last residence was Groton. [SS]
      Everett was of medium height and build with brown eyes and brown hair. [WWIDC]
    2. Albert Prescott Warren was born on 13 Aug 1885 in Groton. [C1900, Aug 1885 in Massachusetts][MTV] Albert married Ruth Unknown. [C1930] She was born about 1897 in New Hampshire. [C1930]
      In 1900 Albert was living with his parents in Groton. [C1900] In 1920 Albert was 24 and living with his mother in Groton. [C1920] In 1930 Albert and Ruth lived in Groton and Albert was a farmer. [C1930]

Thomas A. Smith was born about 1827 in Massachusetts. [C1850]
In 1850 he was living with Thomas and Relief. Perhaps he is a child from Relief's first marriage adopted by Thomas or more likely he a child from a previous marriage of Thomas.


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