CALEF Descendants of William Calef (1706 - 1784)

CARPENTER Ancestors of Alice Carpenter (1590-1670) of Wrington, Leiden and Plymouth

CARVER Descendants of Richard Carver (abt. 1577 - 1638/41) of Filby, Ormesby and Watertown

CARY/CAREY Descendants of John Cary (d. 1681) of Duxbury and Bridgewater

CHAMBERLAIN Descendants of William Chamberlain (abt 1620 - 1706) of Billerica

CHANDLER Ancestors of Margaret Chandler of (1577-1646) and ancestors and descendants of William Chandler (abt 1560-1642) of Bishops-Stortford and Roxbury

CHAPLIN Ancestors of Martha Chaplin (bp. 1584) and Alice Chaplin (m. 1579)

CHENEY Descendants of William Cheney (1604 - 1667) of Roxbury

CHILD Descendants of Richard Child (1631-1694) of Watertown

CHURCHILL Descendants of John Churchill (d. 1663) of Plymouth

CHUTE Ancestors and descendants of Lionel Chute(d. 1644/5) of Dedham, Essex, England and Ipswich

CLARK Descendants of William Clark (d. 1681) of Haddam

CLARK Descendants of William Clark of Dorchester

CLARK Descendants of Richard Clark of Rowley

CLARK Descendants of John Clark (d. 1677)

COBB Descendants of Dea. Henry Cobb of Plymouth, Scituate and Barnstable

CODDINGTON Descendants of Gov. William Coddington (abt 1601 - 1678) of Boston, Lincolnshire, Boston, MA, Portsmouth and Newport

COGAN Ancestors and descendants of Frances Cogan (d. 1671) of Taunton and Lancaster

COLBY Ancestors and descendants of Anthony Colby (bp. 1605 - 1660) of Horbling, Boston, Ipswich, Salisbury and Amesbury

COLTON Descendants of George Colton (d 1699) of Springfield

COMBS/COOMBS Descendants of John Coombs (bp. 1597 - 1647) of Plymouth

COMBS/COOMBS Descendants of Anthony Coombs (m. 1688) of Rochester

COMSTOCK Descendants of William Comstock of Wethersfield

COOK Descendants of Josiah (Josias) Cook (abt 1610 - 1673) of Plymouth and Eastham

COOK Descendants of Henry Cook of Salem

COOKE Descendants of William Cooke of Scituate

COVELL Descendants of Nathaniel Covell (d. c. 1682)

CRAFTS Descendants of Lieut. Griffin Crafts (d. 1689) of Roxbury

CRAWFORD Descendants of Thomas Crawford (m. 1738) of Haverhill, Hampstead and Bridgewater

CRISPE Descendants of Benjamin Crispe (abt 1610 - 1683) of Watertown

CROSS Descendants of Robert Cross (abt 1612 - aft 1695) of Ipswich

CROWELL/CROW Descendants of John Crowe (b. c. 1590/5) of Charlestown and Yarmouth

CUDWORTH Ancestors and descendants of Gen. James Cudworth (d. 1682) of Scituate and Barnstable

CUMMINGS Descendants and ancestors of Isaac Cummings (c. 1601 - 1677) of Mistley, Watertown, Ipswich and Topsfield and Anne Unknown

CURTIS Descendants of Richard Curtis (d. 1693) of Scituate

CUTTING Descendants of Capt. John Cutting (c. 1593 - 1659) of Watertown, Newbury and Charlestown