Some Descendants of John Doane (John) and Hannah Bangs (Edward)

  1. John Doane was born on 20 Mar 1662/3 in Eastham. [VREO] He died on 15 May 1663 in Eastham.
  2. John Doane was born on 19 May 1664 in Eastham. [VREO, no first name] He married Mehitable Scudder on 31 Jun 1686 in Eastham. [EMVR, 6;14]
  3. Anne Doane was born on 25 Jul 1666 in Eastham. [VREO] She married David Young. David was the son of John Young. [HMN]
    1. Abigail Young (conjectured daughter) married Ebenezer Freeman on 12 Oct 1710 in Eastham. [EMVR, 6;13]
    2. Rebecca Young (conjectured daughter) married married Abiah Harding on 24 Sep 1713. [EMVR, 4;142][OHF, p. 6]
    3. Hannah Young was born on 6 Sep 1693. [HMN] She married first Nathaniel Harding on 30 Nov 1725 in Truro. [HMN] They published their intention on Oct 1725 (int.) in Eastham [VREO, 28;126] She married second as his second wife John Merrick on 17 Dec 1746 in Truro. [HMN] John was born about 1680 in Eastham. [HMN] He married first Ann Sears. [HMN]
  4. Rebecca Doane was born on 12 May 1668 in Eastham. [VREO] She married Elisha Paine on 12 Jan 1685 in Eastham. [EMVR, 6;16]
  5. Hannah Doane was born on 12 May 1669. [DF, p. 25] She died before 9 Apr 1729 when her husband remarried. [ESC, p. 25] She married John Collins on 12 Feb 1701/2 in Eastham. [VREO]
    1. Hannah Collins was born on 14 Aug 1713 in Eastham. [VREO] She married Stephen Smith about 1727. [ESC, p. 25][CSRB, p. 239]
  6. Isaac Doane was born on 2 Jun 1670 in Eastham. [SWA, 47;130][VREO] He married Margaret Atwood on 2 Dec 1700 in Eastham. [SWA, 47;130]
    1. Huldah Doane was born on 15 Jan 1706/7 in Eastham. [VREO, 9;10] Huldah Doane of Eastham married Seth Clark of Harwich on 14 Feb 17 __ in Eastham. [VREO, 15;57] They published their intention on 25 Jan 1727/8 in Eastham. [VREO, 28;141]
      1. Huldah Clark married first Tully Clark [DRSY, p. 140] after 11 Dec 1762, when they published their intention in Harwich. [MTVC] She married second Edward Bangs [DRSY, p. 140] after 2 Mar 1771, when they published their intention in Harwich. [MTVC] She married third as his second wife Lieut. Micajah Sears on 6 Dec 1785 in Harwich. [DRSY, p. 140]
  7. Samuel Doane was born on 2 Mar 1673 in Eastham. [VREO]
  8. Dr. David Doane [YAWA, p. 3.7] was born about 1674. [DF, p. 26] He married Dorothy Horton on 30 Sep 1701 in Eastham. [EMVR, 7;17]
    1. Hannah Doane was born on 5 Mar 1704. [YAWA, p. 3.7] She died on 22 Sep 1766. [YAWA, p. 3.7] She married first Samuel Atwood on 17 Oct 1722 [NENS, p. 9] in Eastham. [SWA, 47;35] She married second Elisha Higgins on 24 Jan 1733/4. [NENS, p. 9] Elisha, the son of Elisha Hopkins and Jane (Collins) Higgins, was born in 1704. [NENS, p. 9]
      Samuel left all of his estate, except ten shillings to each of his four children, to his wife Hannah, saying that she was "in a lame and helpless condition". [YAWA, p. 3.7]


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