The EMMONS Family of Brookfield and Woodstock

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ROBERT EMMONS of Brookfield m. Mary Petty
DEA. BENJAMIN EMMONS (abt 1737/9 - 1811) of Woodstock m. Elizabeth Smith
HARRIET EMMONS (d. 1847) m. Seth Howland

First Generation

ROBERT EMMONS of Brookfield

Parents: Unknown [But perhaps the Robert who was in Brookfield in 1706]

Robert Emmons of Brookfield married Mary Petty after 13 July 1717, when their intention (10 Jul 1717) was posted in Springfield. [Ref]

Robert was one of the inhabitants of Brookfield who signed a petition asking for financial help in supporting a minister on 30 Oct 1706. [Ref] He was taxed in Brookfield on 22 Apr 1717. [Ref] On 31 May 1720 Robert was on a committee to lay out land in Brookfield. [Ref]

The Robert who was active in Brookfield in 1706 seems is old enough to be the father of this Robert Emmons, but Temple suggests that there is only one. [Ref].

  1. Son Emmons was born in [1725?] in Brookfield. [Ref]
  2. Abel Emmons was born in [1727?] in Brookfield. [Ref] He married the sister of Simon Davis and settled in Chesterfield in 1762. [Ref] He moved to Woodstock in 1780. [Ref]
  3. Solomon Emmons was born in [1729?][Ref, p. 50, about 1726 as he was 38 in 1764] in Brookfield. [Ref] He died in "poor circumstances" in 1805. [Ref] He married Mary Unknown. [Ref] She was born about 1731. She died on 8 Nov 1825, age 94. [Ref, p. 50]
    Solomon and Mary moved to Windsor, Vermont in 1763 [Ref] and were the first Europeans to live there. [Ref, p. 49] Solomon was a husbandman. [Ref, p. 53] For a long time Mary was the only midwife in Windsor. [Ref, p. 50] At the first proprietors' meeting on 5 Oct 1767 Solomon was appointed to a committee to lay out the town. [Ref, p. 87] On 3 Oct 1768 Solomon was on a committee to sell land of the proprietors who were delinquent in paying their taxes. [Ref, p. 89] On Mar 1769 Solomon was appointed a fence viewer. [Ref, p. 114]
    Solomon and Mary moved to Woodstock about 1768 and built a log house. [Ref]
  4. Noah Emmons was born in [1731?] in Brookfield. [Ref]
  5. Eunice Emmons was born in [1733?] in Brookfield. [Ref]
  6. Mary Emmons (twin) was born on 15 Aug 1735 in Brookfield. [Ref]
  7. Robert Emmons (twin) was born on 15 Aug 1735 in Brookfield. [Ref]
  8. Dea. Benjamin Emmons was born in [1737?] in Brookfield. He died on or soon before 22 Apr 1811 in Hartford, Windsor, Vermont. He married Elizabeth Smith.
  9. Dyer Emmons [Ref] (Maybe he is the son born in [1725?])

Second Generation

DEA. BENJAMIN EMMONS (abt 1737/9 - 1811) of Woodstock

Parents: Robert Emmons and Mary Petty

Benjamin Emmons was born was born in [1737?] in Brookfield. [Ref] He died on or shortly before 22 Apr 1811, age 72, in Hartford, Windsor, Vermont. [Ref] He married Elizabeth Smith on 18 Nov 1765 in Chesterfield, Cheshire, New Hampshire. [Ref][Ref, says "Elizabeth San?", in Hinsdale, Cheshire, New Hampshire]

Elizabeth may be the daughter of Ens. Moses Smith, the first settler of Chesterfield, who was of Leicester, Massachusetts, and his wife Elizabeth. [Ref] Moses died on 20 Jul 1777. [Ref] Elizabeth died on 20 Jul 1777, age 61. [Ref] Randall [Ref] says that Moses's daughter Elizabeth probably married Abel Emmons. [Ref]

Benjamin was one of the founders of Woodstock. [Ref] He moved from Chesterfield to Woodstock in Apr 1772. [Ref] He bought 700 acres when he arrived. [Ref] He left Woodstock about 1810. [Ref]

Benjamin was appointed supervisor, an overseer of the poor and a commissioner of the highways on the third Tuesday in May 1773 in Woodstock. [Ref] He was town representative in 1786-7, 1791 (for half the year), 1792 - 4, 1796 and 1800 - 1803. [Ref] He was selectman in 1773, 1775, 1776, 1778, 1794 and 1802. [Ref] He was "a political wire-puller of more than ordinary skill." [Ref]

In Apr 1798 Benjamin dug the cellar for the prison in Woodstock, stoned it and underpinned the building. [Ref]

Benjamin was a deacon in the Congregational Church in Woodstock. [Ref] There was a great disturbance when it was discovered that he had become an adherent of the doctrine of Universalism. [Ref]

Children of Benjamin Emmons and Elizabeth Smith:

  1. Harriet Emmons was born in 1770. She died on 8 May 1817 in Woodstock. She married Seth Howland.
  2. Bethany Emmons was born on 3 Jan 1772. [Ref]

Third Generation

HARRIET EMMONS (d 1847) of Woodstock

Parents: Benjamin Emmons and Elizabeth Smith [Ref, p. 76]

Harriet Emmons was born in 1770. [Ref] She died 8 May 1847. [From her gravestone] She is buried in the Cushing Cemetery in Woodstock. [Ref] She married Seth Howland. [Ref, p. 76]

During my apprenticeship to the printing trade at Woodstock, Vt., I went fequently to see my grandmother Howland (nee Emmons). She lived in the Howland house on a farm not quite a mile from the office where I was engaged. I had often visited my grandmother before I went to Woodstock to live, and my memory of the house and its surroundings is very clear. It was for those days a rather large frame house with a front door in the center, with a gambrel roof and dormer windows; it was built by my great grandfather Nathan Howland (1742-1831), and was among the earliest frame houses in the township. The town was settled, if I remember rightly, in 1764. In this house, and one some distance farther along on he same road, was reared a large family of Seth Howland, my grandfather, he being the only son of Nathan Howland, who came from Middleboro', Mass., with other settlers; among them, I believe were the Hutchinsonss and the Marshes and Benjamin Emmons, my Grandmother Howland's father. [Andrew Jackson Aikens, quoted in Ref]


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