The FAIRBANKS Family of Halifax in Yorkshire and Dedham in Massachusetts

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JONATHAN FAIRBANKS (d. 1668/9) of Dedham
MARY FAIRBANKS (d. aft 1654) m. Michael Metcalf

First Generation


Parents: Unknown

Children of John Fairbanks:

1. Jonathan Fairbanks died between 1 Jun 1668 and 26 Jan 1669. He married Grace Unknown.

Note: George Fairbanks died after 28 May 1650, when he wrote his will. [Ref]
He was a clothier in Somerby, Halifax, Yorkshire. [Ref] In his will he mentions John Hargraves of Hingham; "Michael Fairbanks my brother", "my brother Deanes children which he had by my sister", "my brother John Oxenhoppe", Ellis Rutter and his wife, "my brother Jeremiah's wife and children", "children of Henry Blackley he had by my sister Abigail", Jonathan Fairbanks, Susan Chadwick, George Fairbanks son of George Fairbanks, Abraham Platts, Nathan Bates, Henry Stahope, Nathan Hobroyd, Sarah Chadwick daughter of Susan Chadwick, Nicholas Cunliffe, Grace Riluer, Nathan son of Michael Carter, Sarah Platts, James Sharp, James Casson, Mary wife of James Platts, Sarah daughter of James Platts, John Bawden and his wife, Mary Earnshawe and her three children, Michael Earnshaw, "loving cousin Jonathan Fairbanks in New England." [Ref] How is he related?

Second Generation

JONATHAN FAIRBANKS (d. 1668/9) of Dedham

Parents: John Fairbanks

Jonathan Fairbanks died between 1 Jun 1668 and 26 Jan 1669. He married Grace Unknown.

Jonathan Fairbanks, Sr. of Dedham made his will on 1 Jun 1668; it was deposed on 26 Jan 1669. He mentions his wife Grace; his oldest son John; his second son George; his third son Jonas; his youngest son Jonathan; his daughter Mary, the wife of Christopher Smith; his son-in-law Ralph Day, the husband of his deceased daughter Susan. [Ref]

See a photo of his house which still stands and is believed to be the oldest woodframe house in the United States

Children of Jonathan and Grace:

  1. John Fairbanks
  2. Capt. George Fairbanks drowned on 10 Jan 1682. [Ref, p. 37] He married Mary Adams of Dedham on 26 (8) 1646. [Ref, p. 37] She died on 11 Aug 1711 in Mendon. [Ref, p. 37]
    George contributed a shilling as part of Medfield's contribution to Harvard Collee in 1678. [Ref]
    some descendants of George Fairbanks
  3. Jonas Fairbanks was killed in the 10 Feb 1676 Indian attack on Lancaster. [Ref, p. 16] He married Lydia Prescott on 28 (3) 1658 in Lancaster. [Ref, p. 11] Jonas's son Joshua was also killed in the Indian attack; his son Jonathan was killed in the 11 Sep 1697 Indian attack on Lancaster, along with two of his children.
    Jonas was an early inhabitant of Lancaster; he signed the town covenant on 7 (2) 1658/9. [Ref, pp. 30-31]
    some descendants of Jonas Fairbanks
  4. Jonathan Fairbanks
  5. Susan Fairbanks died before 1 Jun 1668. She married Ralph Day.
  6. Mary Fairbanks married first Michael Metcalf. She married second Christopher Smith.

Third Generation

MARY FAIRBANKS (d. aft 1654)

Parents: Jonathan Fairbanks and Grace Unknown

Mary Fairbanks married first Michael Metcalf on 2 Mar 1644. [Ref] She married second Christopher Smith.

She was granted administration on her husband's estate on 26 Apr 1654. [Ref]

A John Fairbanks is on the 15 May 1690 Dedham list of freemen. [Ref]


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