Some Descendants of Hannah French (Edward)

and John White

  1. Ens. John White
    His grandfather Edward French left John a bequest in his will of in his will of 10 Apr 1673. On 29 Oct 1694 the inheritance of his deceased cousin Samuel French was divided into 19 parts and Ens. John White received a share. [PRE2, pp. 441-6]

and Thomas Philbrook

  1. William Philbrook was born on 24 (7) 1670. [TPF] He died in 1714. [TPF] He married Mary Neale. [TPF] Mary was the daughter of Walter Neale of Greenland in Portsmouth. [TPF]
    His grandfather Edward French left William a bequest in his will of in his will of 10 Apr 1673. [PRE2, pp. 441-6] On 27 Sep 1694 Samuel French was deceased and the other heirs of grandfather's estate petitioned the court to have his inheritance divided. The petitioners included William Philbrook. On 29 Oct 1694 power of attorney was given to Joseph Eaton, in right of his wife, to act for the petitioners, including William. William received a 1/19th share. [PRE2, pp. 441-6]
    William went to Greenland. [TPF]
  2. Jane Philbrook was probably born after 10 Apr 1673. She married Joseph Cram on 17 Aug 1700. [TPF]
  3. Hannah Philbrook [TPF]


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