The FYFE Family of Berlin and Bolton in Massachusetts

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JAMES FYFE (1720 - 1779) of Berlin and Bolton m. Patience Butler
RELIEF FYFE (b. 1750) m. Jonathan Whitcomb

First Generation

JAMES FYFE (1720 - 1779) of Berlin and Bolton

Parents: Unknown

James Fyfe was born on 25 Mar 1720 in Fifeshire, Scotland. [Ref] He died on 25 Jun 1779 in Berlin. [Ref] He married Patience Butler. [Ref]

James and his brother William came to Boston in 1737. [Ref] In 1741 Benjamin Wilson of Bolton deeded 120 acres of land to James. [Ref]

William and James Fyfe lived near each other in Bolton, but on the formation of Berlin in 1784, James Fyfe's farm became part of Berlin. [Ref]

Children of James Fyfe and Patience Butler:

  1. James Fyfe was born on 18 Nov 1742. [Ref] He died on 16 Dec 1742. [Ref]
  2. Dea. Silas Fyfe was born on 4 Oct 1743. [Ref] He died on 23 May 1836. [Ref] He married Abigail Houghton on 13 Aug 1772. [Ref] Abigail, the daughter of Benjamin and Mary Houghton, was born on 1 Nov 1751 in Bolton and died on 25 Mar 1823 in Troy, NH. [Ref]
  3. Molly Fyfe was born on 24 Feb 1745. [Ref] She died on 15 Mar 1807. [Ref] She married Robert Hudson. [Ref]
  4. Robert Fyfe was born on 11 Mar 1747. [Ref] He died on 10 Apr 1785. [Ref] He married Hepsibah Bash of Marlborough on 11 Jul 1776. [Ref] He moved to New Hampshire, but later returned to Bolton. [Ref]
  5. Relief Fyfe was born on 27 Jan 1750. She married Jonathan Whitcomb.
  6. Patience Fyfe was born on 10 Apr 1751. [Ref] She died in infancy. [Ref]
  7. Susanna Fyfe was born on 21 Mar 1753. [Ref] She died on 9 Jan 1813. [Ref] She married Capt. Samuel Woods of Marlborough on 25 Oct 1788. [Ref] Samuel was a captain in the Revolutionary War. [Ref]
  8. Patience Fyfe was born on 1 Nov 1757. [Ref] She died on 7 Mar 1835. [Ref] She married her first cousin William, son of William Fyfe, on 26 Dec 1786. [Ref] William was born on 17 May 1759 in Bolton. [Ref]
  9. James Fyfe was born on 24 Aug 1760. [Ref] He was in Col. Joseph Whitney's regiment of Massachusetts troops in the Revolutionary War. [Ref]
  10. Deliverance Fyfe was born on 22 Jul 1763. [Ref] She married Israel Maynard of Bolton in 1785. [Ref] She resided in Dublin, NH. [Ref]
  11. Samuel Fyfe was born on 16 Aug 1764. [Ref] He died in infancy. [Ref]
  12. Sarah Fyfe was born on 9 Mar 1766. [Ref] She died on 12 Mar 1782. [Ref]
  13. Martha Fyfe was born on 2 Oct 1767 [Ref] She died 39 Dec 1848. [Ref] She married James Britain of Bolton. [Ref] He was born on 21 Sep 1766 and died on 27 Jun 1843. [Ref] They lived in Barre, VT. [Ref]

Second Generation

RELIEF FYFE (b. 1750)

Parents: James Fyfe and Patience Butler

Relief Fyfe was born on 27 Jan 1750. [Ref] She married Jonathan Whitcomb [Ref] on 1 Jun 1773 [Ref] in Bolton. [Ref]


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