The GALE Family of Watertown in Massachusetts

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RICHARD GALE (abt. 1614 - 1679) of Watertown m. Mary Unknown (d. 1681)
ABRAHAM GALE (abt 1643 - 1718) of Watertown m. Sarah Fiske
LYDIA GALE (1699 - 1753) m. Col. Jabez Fitch

First Generation

RICHARD GALE (abt. 1614 - 1679) of Watertown

Parents: Unknown

Richard Gale was born about 1614, based on a 12 May 1656 deposition that he was 42. [Ref, p. 8] He died on 22 Mar 1678/[9] in Watertown. [Ref][Ref, p. 8] He married Mary Unknown. [Ref] Mary is sometimes referred to as Mary Castle. She died on 2 Aug 1681 in Watertown. [Ref, p. 8]

Richard purchased six acres in Watertown in 1640. [Ref] On 2 Dec 1640 he purchased 250 acres from Richard Dummer. [Ref]

Richard never joined the Watertown church. [Ref, p. 17]

Richard Gale signed his will on 25 Feb 1678/9; it was proved on 1 Apr 1679. [Ref]

Children of Richard Gale and Mary Unknown:

  1. Sarah Gale was born on 8 Sep 1641 in Watertown. [Ref][Ref] She married Joseph Garfield on 3 Apr 1663 [Ref] in Watertown. [Ref, p. 19-20] Joseph, the son of Edward and Rebecca Garfield, was born on 11 Sep 1637 in Watertown. [Ref, p. 20]
    some descendants of Sarah Gale
  2. Abraham Gale was born about 1643. He died on 15 Sep 1718. He married Sarah Fiske.
  3. Mary Gale married John Flagg on 30 Mar 1670. [Ref] John, the son of Thomas Flagg of Watertown, died on 6 Feb 1696/7. [Ref]
  4. John Gale married Elizabeth, the daughter of Henry and Mehitable (Bartlett) Spring on 27 Sep 1677. [Ref]

Second Generation

ABRAHAM GALE (abt 1643 - 1718) of Watertown

Parents: Richard Gale and Mary Unknown

Abraham Gale was born about 1643. He died on 15 Sep 1718, age 75. [Ref] He married Sarah Fiske on 3 Sep 1673. [Ref]

Abraham was a selectman in Watertown in 1706. [Ref]

Abraham signed his will on 3 Sep 1718, spelling his name "Gael". The will was proved on 22 Sep 1718. As long as she remained unmarried, he left his wife Sarah his personal estate "within doors" and asked that she be given a comfortable room in his house and that she be given enough firewood and £10 annually. If she remarried she was to have £20 and nothing else. He left bequests to sons Abraham, Richard, John Joshua and Ebenezer and to daughters Sarah Pratt, Mary Sanderson, Mary Gale, Lydia Gale and Abigail Gail. [Ref]

Abraham Gale and Sarah Fiske had the following children. Gale [Ref] provides all of their names, Jonas's baptism and all of their birth dates except Jonas's and the second Abigail's.

  1. Abraham Gale was born in 1674. He married Rachel, the daughter of John and Abigail (Garfield) Parkhurst. [Ref] Rachel was born on 30 Dec 1678 and died on 30 Jan 1767. [Ref]
  2. Sarah Gale was born on 15 Feb 1675. She died young. [Ref]
  3. Richard Gale was born on 25 Sep 1677. He married Sarah, the daughter of John and Mary Knight of Watertown, on 7 Jan 1706. [Ref] Gale [Ref] believes it likely that Richard moved to Canterbury, Windham, CT. [Ref]
  4. Hopestill Gale was born and died in 1678.
  5. Mary Gale was born on 27 Mar 1680. She died young. [Ref]
  6. Abigail Gale was born on 12 Mar 1682. She died on 21 Nov 1696. [Ref]
  7. Mercy Gale was born on 16 Sep 1683. She died on 8 May 1776. [Ref] She married Samuel Sanderson on 13 Apr 1708. [Ref] Samuel, the son of Dea. Jonathan Sanderson of Cambridge, was born on 28 May 1681 in Cambridge. [Ref] He was killed by lightning on 8 Jul 1722 in Watertown. [Ref]
  8. Ebenezer Gale was born on 30 Apr 1686. He married Elizabeth Green on 27 Dec 1709. [Ref]
  9. John Gale was born on 23 Apr 1687. He died on 15 Feb 1734/5 in Watertown. [Ref] He married Lydia Unknown. [Ref]
  10. Mary Gale was born in Apr 1689. She married Michael Pratt of Oxford on 3 Nov 1731. [Ref]
  11. Sarah Gale was born on 29 Aug 1694.
  12. Jonas Gale was baptised on 14 Nov 1697. He died on 17 Mar 1718. [Ref]
  13. Joshua Gale was born on 22 Feb 1697. He died on 15 Sep 1719. [Ref]
  14. Elizabeth Gale was born on 9 Jul 1699.
  15. Lydia Gale was born on 9 Jul 1699. She married Col. Jabez Fitch.
  16. Abigail Gale married Edward Johnson, Jr., the son of Edward and Mary Johnson about 1720. [Ref]

Third Generation

LYDIA GALE (1699 - 1753)

Parents: Abraham Gale and Sarah Fiske

Lydia Gale was born on 9 Jul 1699. [Ref] She died on 20 Aug 1753 in Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut. [Ref] She is buried in the Hyde (Cleveland?) Cemetery in Canterbury and her headstone says that she was age 52. [Ref] Click here to see a photo of her grave. She married Col. Jabez Fitch on 29 May 1722 in the Congregational Church in Canterbury. [Ref][Ref]

On 11 Apr 1731 "Lydia Fitch Wife to Jabez Fitch" became a member of the Congregational Church in Canterbury. [Ref, p. 43] She owned the Covenant there on 23 Jun 1723. [Ref]


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