The GOODRICH Family of Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut

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JOHN GOODRICH (d. 1680) of Wethersfield m. Elizabeth Unknown (d. 1570)
MARY GOODRICH (b. 1650) m. Thomas Reed

First Generation


Parents: Unknown

Children of Unknown Goodrich:

  1. John Goodrich died in Mar or Apr 1680. He married first Elizabeth Unknown. He married second Mary (Foote) Stoddard.
  2. Ens. William Goodrich died in 1676. [Ref, 2;275] He married Sarah Marvin on 4 Oct 1648. [Ref, 2;275] Sarah was the daughter of Matthew Marvin. [Ref, 2;275] Sarah married second Capt. William Curtis of Stratford. [Ref, 2;275]
  3. Rebecca Goodrich [Ref, 2;275]

Second Generation

JOHN GOODRICH (d. 1680) of Wethersfield

Parents: Unknown

John Goodrich died in Mar or Apr 1680. [Ref, 2;275] He married first Elizabeth Unknown. She died on 5 Jul 1670. [Ref, 2;275] He married second Mary (Foote) Stoddard in 1674. [Ref, 2;275] Mary was the daughter of Nathaniel Foote and the widow of John Stoddard. [Ref, 2;275] Mary married third Thomas Tracy of Norwich. [Ref, 2;275]

The identity of John Goodrich's wife is unknown. In one place, Savage says that she is the son of Thomas Edwards. [Ref, 2;275] Jacobus points out that, according to the Wethersfield records, Thomas Edwards died in 1683 at the age of 62. Thus, he was not old enough to have been the father of someone who was married by 1645. [Ref] In another place, however, Savage says that she is the sister of Thomas Edwards. [Ref, 2;104] This is possible, but there does not appear to be any evidence.

John was of Wethersfield in 1643. [Ref, 2;275]

Children of John Goodrich and Elizabeth Edwards:

  1. Elizabeth Goodrich was born on 2 or 7 Nov 1645. [Ref, 2;275] She married Daniel Rose in 1664. [Ref, 2;275]
  2. John Goodrich was born on 8 Sep 1647 in Wethersfield. [Ref][Ref, 2;275, says 5 or 8 Sep] He died in May 1676 [Ref, 2;275] in Wethersfield. [Ref, p. 255] He married Mary [Ref, 2;275] on 23 Mar 1674 in Sudbury. [Ref][Ref, p. 255] Mary was the daughter of Matthew Gibbs and Mary Bradish. [Ref, 2;275]
  3. Mary Goodrich was born on 15 Dec 1650 in Wethersfield. She married Thomas Reed.
  4. Joseph Goodrich was born on 10 Jan 1653 in Wethersfield. [Ref][Ref, 2;275] He died in Oct 1680 in Sudbury. [Ref, 2;275]
  5. Son Goodrich was born and died on 5 Jul 1670 in Wethersfield. [Ref]
  6. Jonathan Goodrich [Ref, 2;275] married Abigail, the daughter of Moses Crafts on 3 Dec 1691. [Ref, 2;275] Abigail was the granddaughter of Lt. Griffin Crafts.
  7. Hannah Goodrich [Ref, 2;275] married Zachariah Maynard of Sudbury in 1678. [Ref, 2;275]

Third Generation


Parents: John Goodrich and Elizabeth Unknown [Ref, 2;275]

Mary Goodrich was born on 15 Dec 1650 in Wethersfield. [Ref][Ref, 2;275] She married Thomas Reed on 30 May 1677 in Sudbury. [Ref][Ref, 2;275, gives only the year]


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