The GROVER Family

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DEBORAH GROVER (bp. 1648 - 1718) m. Dea. John Bennett

First Generation


Parents: Unknown

Children of Edmund Grover:

  1. Deborah Grover was baptised on 26 Mar 1648 in Salem. She died on 22 Mar 1718 in Middleborough. She married Dea. John Bennett.

Second Generation

DEBORAH GROVER (bp. 1648 - 1718)

Parents: Edmund Grover [Ref]

Deborah Grover was baptised on 26 Mar 1648 in Salem. [Ref] She died on 22 Mar 1718, age 70, in Middleborough. [Ref][Ref, p. 81] She married Dea. John Bennett [Ref "is said to have"] in 1671 in Beverly. [Ref]

Deborah (Grover), the wife of John Bennett was baptised on 19 Jul 1674 in Beverly. [Ref] [Two baptisms?]

Deborah, the wife of John Bennett, was dismissed from the church at Beverly to the church at Plymouth in 1687. [Ref]

Deborah and her husband were original members of the First Church of Middleborough, organised on 26 Dec 1694. [Ref, p. 81]


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