The GROVES (LA GROVE, LAGROE) Family of Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts

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NICHOLAS GROVES (d. bef. 1703) of Beverly
HANNAH GROVES (bp. 1674) m. Robert Moulton

First Generation

NICHOLAS GROVES (d. bef 1703) of Beverly

Parents: Unknown

Nicholas Groves died before 11 Feb 1702/3. He married Hannah Sallows on 16 May 1671. [Ref]

Groves [Ref] asserts without proof that Nicholas was a Huguenot refugee from the Isle of Jersey who emigrated to Salem before 1668. [Ref]

Nicholas was a freeman on 8 Mar 1682 in Salem. [Ref]

"Peter Groves, Freeborn Groves, Benjamin Patch and Susanna, his wife, of Beverly. Robert Moulton and Hannah, his wife, of Salem, all children or grandchildren of Nicholas Groves, late of Beverly, deceased, for the affection and duty they owe Hannah L. Groves, their mother, widow of Nicholas, quit claim to Hannah and their brother John Groves, sailor, land inherited from Nicholas, dated Feb. 7, 1703-4." [Ref]

Children of Nicholas Groves and Hannah Sallows

  1. Susanna Groves was born on 8 May 1672 in Beverly. [Ref] She was baptised on 29 Sep 1672 in Beverly. [Ref] She died on 2 Nov 1733. [Ref] She married Benjamin Paatch of Salem on 16 Jul 1694 in Salem. [Ref] He died in 11730. [Ref]
  2. Nicholas Groves was baptised on 19 Apr 1674 in Beverly. [Ref] He died between 11 Sep 1726 and 22 Jan 1728, leaving no family. [Ref]
  3. Hannah Groves was baptised on 10 Sep 1676 in Beverly. She married Robert Moulton.
  4. Peter Groves was baptised on 14 Sep 1679 in Beverly. [Ref] He was buried on 14 Mar 1755. [Ref] He married Hannah Winter on 26 Jan 1702/3 in Beverly. [Ref] Hannah, the daughter of Edward and Deborah (Golt) Winter of Salem was born on 11 (6) 1673. [Ref] She died on 26 Jan 1702/3 in Beverly. [Ref] He married second Abigail Unknown in 1708. [Ref] She may be the Mrs. Groves who died between Nov and Mar 1718 in Beverly. [Ref] He married third the widdow Hannah (Woodbury) Stone on 7 Jan 1718/9 in Beverly. [Ref][Ref] Hannah, the daughter of William and Hannah (Haskell) Woodbury, was born on 28 Mar 1680. [Ref] She died in Jan 1747. [Ref] She was the widow of David or Daniel Stone. [Ref] Peter married fourth Mary Maxfield or Maxwell on 8 Oct 1747. [Ref] She died between Apr and Dec 1764. [Ref]
    Peter was a mariner. [Ref]
  5. John Groves was born on 14 Sep 1681 in Beverly. [Ref] He died before 24 Feb 1705/6. [Ref] He married Rebecca Wallis, on 23 Feb 1703/4 in Beverly. [Ref] Rebecca, the daughter of John Wallis, was born about 1683, probably in Maine, and died after 10 Jul 1761, probably in Beverly. [Ref] She married second Joseph Foster after 4 Sep 1708 (int.) in Beverly. [Ref][Ref] Joseph, the son of Samuel and Sarah (Stewart) Foster was born on 14 Mar 1687 in Salem and died on 28 Jan 1750 in Beverly. [Ref]
    John was a mariner. [Ref]
  6. Freeborn Groves was born on 11 Feb 1683 in Beverly. [Ref] He was baptised on 20 Apr 1684 in Beverly. [Ref] He was living on 7 Feb 1703/4, but there is no record of him after that. [Ref]

Second Generation

HANNAH GROVES (bp. 1674)

Parents: Nicholas Groves and Hannah Sallows

Hannah Groves was baptised on 19 Apr 1674 in Beverly. [Ref] Hannah Groves of Beverly married Robert Moulton 4 of Salem Village on 11 Apr 1698 in Salem. [Ref][Ref]


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