GALE Desecendants of Richard Gale (abt. 1614 - 1679) of Watertown

GARRETT Descendants of Dea. Richard Garrett d. 1662) of Scituate

GIBBS Descendants of Matthew Gibbs of Charlestown and Sudbury

GIDDINGS Ancestors and descendants of George Gidding (bp. 1609 - 1676) of Ipswich

GIFFORD Descendants of William Gifford of Sandwich

GLEASON Descendants of Thomas Gleason (d. 1686) of Watertown and Cambridge

GODFREY Descendants of Francis Godfrey (d. 1666/9) of Duxbury, Marshfield and Bridgewater

GOODALE Descendants of Richard Goodale (d. 1666) of Salisbury

GOODRICH Descendants of John Goodrich (d. 1680) of Wethersfield

GORHAM Ancestors and descendants of Capt. John Gorham (bp. 1621 - 1676) of Plymouth, Marshfield, Yarmouth and Barnstable

GRAVES Descendants of Thomas Graves (bef. 1585 - 1662)

GREEN Descendants of William Green of Groton

GRINNELL Descendants of Daniel Grinnell (c. 1664 - 1741)

GRISWOLD Ancestors and descendants of Matthew Griswold (b. c. 1620) of Lyme

GROVER Descendants of Edmund Grover

GROVES Descendants of Nicholas Groves (d. bef. 1703) of Beverly