The HALL Family of Concord, Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts and Plainfield

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Unknown Hall m. MARY WILCOX
STEPHEN HALL (c. 1637 - 1724) of Concord, Stow and Plainfield m. Ruth Davis
SARAH HALL (1688 - 1736) m. Dr. William Blodgett

First Generation


Parents: Unknown

Mary Wilcox married Unknown Hall. [Ref] Unknown Hall had a brother John Hall, who married first Bethia Unknown and married second Elizabeth Unknown. [Ref, p. 1]

Mary joined the church in Cambridge in 1652. [Ref, p. 1]

Mary is mentioned in the will of her brother, William Wilcox of Cambridge. [Ref, p. 1] In this will, dated 1653, William called Mary his "Sister Widow Hall"; he left her 20 shillings and 10 shillings each to her children John and Susan. [Ref, p. 294]

In 1662 the widow Mary Hall received land in Cambridge. [Ref, p. 294] After the death of her son William in 1667, she asked the court to order a division of his property for her benefit. [Ref, p. 294] It appears that she had assigned him property in return for his supporting her and that she had been living with him. [Ref, p. 294]

Children of Unknown Hall and Mary Wilcox:

  1. John Hall of Medford was born about 1627. He died on 18 Oct 1701, age 74. [Ref, p. 295] He married Elizabeth Green [Ref, p. 1] on 4 Apr 1656 in Concord. [Ref] Elizabeth was the daughter of Percival and Ellen Green of Cambridge. [Ref, p. 295]
    John was a member of the church in Concord. [Ref, p. 294]
    some descendants of John Hall
  2. Suzanne Hall [Ref, p. 1] was a member of the church in Concord. [Ref, p. 294]
  3. Stephen Hall was born about 1637. He died on 1 Oct 1724 in Plainfield. He married Ruth Davis.
  4. William Hall married Sara Meriam on 14 Oct 1658 in Concord. [Ref] He died on 10 Mar 1666/7. [Ref][Ref, p. 1]
  5. Mary Hall married Israel Meade on 26 Feb 1669. [Ref, p. 1][Not listed in Ref]
  6. Lydia Hall married Gershom Cutter on 6 Jan 1677. [Ref, p. 1][Not listed in Ref]

Second Generation

STEPHEN HALL (c. 1637 - 1724) of Concord, Stow and Plainfield

Parents: Unknown Hall and Mary Wilcox [Ref, p. 1]

Stephen Hall was born about 1637. He died on 1 Oct 1724, age 87, in Plainfield. [Ref] He married Ruth Davis [Ref][Ref] on 3 Dec 1663 in Concord. [Ref]

Stephen was of Concord. [Ref] He was taxed in Stow in 1688. [Ref] He was a Commissioner in Stow in 1688.[Ref] He was of Plainfield. [Ref]

Stephen was an early freeholder of Plainfield, living on the east side of the Quinebaug. [Ref]

Note: Stephen had a nephew Stephen Hall of Medford, who was the son of his brother John.

Children of Stephen Hall and Ruth Davis:

  1. Capt. Samuel Hall was born on 8 Dec 1665 in Concord. [Ref][Ref] He died on 12 Mar 1750, a. 84 y., 3 m. and 4 d., in Stow. [Ref] He married Hannah Unknown. [Ref] She died on 23 May 1753 in Stow. [Ref]
  2. Stephen Hall was born about 1667. [Ref] He died on 7 Nov 1749, age 82 [!]. [Ref] He married first Grace, the daughter of Thomas and Grace Willis. [Ref] She died on 19 Nov 1721. [Ref] He married second Martha Hill. [Ref] He married third Anne, the widow of Joseph Newell. [Ref] He was of Charlestown. [Ref]
    some descendants of Stephen Hall
  3. Ruth Hall was born on 12 Jan 1670/[?1] in Concord. [Ref]
  4. Mary Hall was born on 1 Jun 1677 in Concord. [Ref][Ref, p. 31] She died on 30 May 1719 in Plainfield, Windham, Conecticut. [Ref, p. 31] She married Thomas Stevens, Jr. [Ref, p. 31] on 26 May 1702 in Plainfield. [Ref][Ref, p. 31]
    some descendants of Mary Hall
  5. Elisha Hall [Ref, p. 3]
  6. John Hall [Ref, p. 3]
  7. Susanna Hall married John Smith on 25 Jun 169_ in Plainfield. [Ref]
  8. Elizabeth Hall was born on 7 Apr 1685 in Stow. [Ref][Ref] She died after 1765. [Ref] She married Edward Spaulding on 21 Oct 1708 in Plainfield. [Ref][Ref] Edward was born on 3 Feb 1684 in Chelmsford and died about 1770 in Plainfield. [Ref] Edward was the son of Edward and Mary (Bracket) Spalding, the grand son of John Spalding and the great-grandson of Edward Spalding. [Ref]
  9. Sarah Hall was born on 19 Jun 1688 in Stow. She married Dr. William Blodgett.

Third Generation

SARAH HALL (1688 - 1736)

Parents: Stephen Hall and Ruth Davis [Ref, p. 16]

Sarah Hall was born on 19 Jun 1688 in Stow. [Ref][Ref, p. 16] She married first Benjamin Spaulding, the son of Benjamin Spalding and Olive Farwell, on 21 Oct 1708 [Ref] in Plainfield [Ref exact year missing] She married second Dr. William Blodgett on 18 Aug 1714 in Plainfield. [Ref refers to her as Sarah, widow of Benjamin Spaulding] She died on 14 Jan 1735/6 in Plainfield. [Ref]

Children of Sarah Hall and Benjamin Spalding:

  1. Olive Spalding was born on 17 Jul 1709. [Ref][Ref, p. 30] She died on 21 Feb 1752. [Ref, p. 30] She married Capt. John Douglass on 13 Jan 1725 in Plainfield. [Ref, p. 30] John, the son of Dea. William and Sarah (Proctor) Douglass, was born on 28 Jul 1703 and died on 20 Apr 1766 in Plainfield. [Ref, p. 30] He married second as her second husband Priscilla Warren, the daughter of Jacob Warren. [Ref, p. 30]
  2. Sarah Spalding was born on 8 Oct 1711. [Ref] She died on 11 Jul 1776. [Ref] She married Samuel Coit on 30 Mar 1730. [Ref] Samuel, the son of Rev. Joseph and Experience (Wheeler) Coit, died on 4 Oct 1792 in that part of Preston that is now Griswold. [Ref]


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