HADDON Descendants of Garrett Haddon of Salisbury and Amesbury

HALL Ancestors and descendants of Stephen Hall (c. 1637 - 1724) of Concord, Stow and Plainfield

HALLETT Descendants of John Hallett

HANFORD Descendants of Jeffrey Hanford (d. 1626)

HARDING Descendants of Joseph Harding (d. by 1633) of Plymouth Colony

HARDY Descendants of Thomas Hardy (d. 1677)

HASELTINE Descendants of Robert Haseltine

HAZEN Descendants of Edward Hazen (d. 1683) of Rowley

HEATH Ancestors of Mary Heath (bp. 1594 - 1629), wife of John Johnson

HEWITT Descendants of Thomas Hewitt

HIBBARD Descendants of Robert Hibbert (d. 1684) of Salem

HILDRETH Descendants of Richard Hildreth (c. 1605 - 1693) of Cambridge and Chelmsford

HILL Descendants of John Hill (d. 1644) of Dorchester

HOPKINSDescendants of Stephen Hopkins (abt 1578 - 1644) of Hursley and Plymouth, passenger on the Mayflower

HOUGHTON Descendants of John Houghton (d. 1684) of Lancaster

HOWARD Descendants of William Howard (c. 1634 - 1709) of Ipswich

HOWES Descendants of Thomas Howes

HOWLAND Ancestors and descendants of John Howland (d. 1673) of Plymouth, passenger on the Mayflower

HOWLETT Descendants of Ens. Thomas Howlett (1606 - 1677/8) of Boston, Ipswich and Topsfield

HOYT Descendants of John Hoyt (d. 1688)

HURST Descendants of James Hurst (d. by 1657)

HUTCHINS Descendants of John Hutchins (b. abt 1608) of Haverhill and Newbury

HUTCHINSON Ancestors and descendants of Richard (abt 1602/3 - 1679/82) of North Muskham and Salem

HUTCHINSON Ancestors and descendants of William Hutchinson (bp. 1586) of Alford and Boston

HYLAND Ancestors and descendants of Thomas Hyland (bp. 1604 - 1683) of Tenterden and Scituate