Some descendants of Hannah Jackman (Timothy, Timothy, James, James) and Rev. Eliphaz Chapman of Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts and Bethel

  1. Hannah Chapman was born on 24 Jun 1773 in Methuen. [MVRM] She died young. [HTBM, p. 503]
    Hannah was left behind in Methuen for a year when her family moved to Bethel so that she might learn to be a tailoress. [HTBM, p. 208]
  2. Eliphaz Chapman was born on 15 Jun 1775 in Methuen. [MVRM] He died on 9 Jul 1844. [HTBM, p. 504] He married first Salome Burnham on 30 Jun 1804. [HTBM, p. 504] She died on 2 Jul 1829. [HTBM, p. 504] He married second Betsey Adams on 8 Mar 1830. [HTBM, p. 504]
    Eliphaz represented Bethel in the legislature. [HTBM, p. 504]
  3. Elizabeth Chapman was born on 25 May 1777 in Methuen. [MVRM] She died soon after her marriage in Gilead, Oxford, Maine. [HTBM, p. 503] She married John Swan. [HTBM, p. 503] John was the son of Joseph Greely Swan of Bethel. [HTBM, p. 503] He was born on 13 Jul 1772. [HTBM, p. 620] He married second Polly Eames. [HTBM, p. 620] Elizabeth had no children. [HTBM, p. 503]
  4. Abigail Chapman was born on 29 Dec 1778 [HTBM, p. 503] in Methuen. [MVRM] She died on 3 Oct 1807. [HTBM, p. 503] She married James Walker. [HTBM, p. 503]
  5. Dea. George Whitefield Chapman was born on 25 Dec 1780 in Methuen. [MVRM][MVRM] He married Polly Greenwood. [HTBM, p. 505] Polly was the daughter of Nathaniel Greenwood. [HTBM, p. 505] She was born on 14 Apr 1787 in Dublin, Cheshire, New Hampshire. [HTBM, p. 505] She died on 17 Mar 1849 in Gilead, Oxford, Maine. [HTBM, p. 505]
    George described the house that he grew up in in Bethel as at first consisting of one room with loose boards for a floor. Later a room was partitioned off for the girls. The boys slept upstairs in a garrett. The fireplace consisted of some rocks placed in the corner and the chimney, made of crossed sticks plastered with clay, came down to the chamber floor. The first winter, before there was a mill, they lived on hulled corns, stewed peas and bean porridge. Later they had cows and sheep and raised crops. [HTBM, p. 209]
  6. Timothy Chapman was born on 17 Feb 1780 in Methuen. [HTBM, p. 118] He died on 13 Jul 1871. [HTBM, p. 119] He married first Betsey Barker on 12 Mar 1807. [HTBM, pp. 119,476] She died on 25 Apr 1819. [HTBM, p. 119] He married second Abigail Blanchard on 24 Feb 1820. [HTBM, p. 119] She died on 7 Aug 1837. He married third Sarah Johnson [GJJR, p. 272] on 5 Jul 1838. [HTBM, p. 119, says "Sarah Johnson of Farmington"]
    Lapham [HTBM, p. 118] recalls hearing Timothy tell of the long journey from Metheun to Bethel that he took as a seven-year-old child with his family and of the single-room twenty-foot square log cabin that his family originally moved into.
    In 1850 Timothy Chapman was a 68-year-old farmer in Bethel. He was living with his 48-year-old wife Sarah J. and children John S., age 19, Maloina A., age 16, and Hanna A., age 14. [C1850] In 1860 Timothy was a 77-year-old farmer in Bethel with real estate worth $8,000 and a personal estate of $2,000. He was living with his 58-year-old wife Sarah J. and [his sister-in-law] 59-year-old M. Newton. [C1860] In 1870 Timothy was an 87-year-old farmer in Bethel with real estate worth $7,000 and a personal estate of $10, 543. He was living with his 78 [!]-year-old wife Sarah J. and his 69-year-old [sister-in-law] Melessent J. [C1870]


    Photo: Timothy Chapman

  7. Samuel Chapman was born on 27 Feb 1778 in Methuen. [MVRM] He died on 2 May 1827. [HTBM, p. 503] He married Desire Curtis of Freeport, Cumberland, Maine. [HTBM, p. 503] She died on 10 Sep 1826. [HTBM, p. 503]
    Samuel and Desire lived in Bethel. [HTBM, p. 503]
  8. Dea. Edmund Chapman was born about 1787. He died on 23 May 1868, age 81. [HTBM, p. 509] He married Hitty Gould. [HTBM, p. 509] Hitty was the daughter of of Jonathan and Lydia Gould of Millbury, Massachusetts. [HTBM, p. 509] She was born about 1789. She died on 21 Apr 1877, age 88. [HTBM, p. 509]
    Edmund was a farmer in Bethel. [HTBM, p. 509] He was a preacher in the Congregational church. [HTBM, p. 509]


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