The JOHNSON Family of Andover

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TIMOTHY JOHNSON (c. 1644 - 1688) of Andover m. Rebecca Aslett
REBECCA JOHNSON (1675 - 1754) m. Ens. Joseph Ballard

First Generation

TIMOTHY JOHNSON (c. 1644 - 1688) of Andover

Parents: John Johnson, Sr. was born about 1609. He married Susanna Unknown. He came to New England in 1635 and settled in Ipswich, but moved to Andover before 1659. He had a son, Sgt. Thomas Johnson of Andover. It is suggested that Stephen, Timothy and William may be younger brothers of Thomas and that there were several sisters as well. But, this is not proved. [Ref]

Timothy Johnson was born about 1644. [Ref] He died on 15 Mar 1687/8 in Andover. [Ref][Ref] He married Rebecca Aslett on 15 Dec 1674 in Andover. Ref[][Ref]

On 26 Mar 1661 he deposed that he was 17 and living with Joseph Quilters of Ipswich. [Ref]

Timothy was the constable in Andover in 1676. [Ref]

On 16 Jun 1686 Rebecca Johnson, relict, was appointed administratrix of the estate of Timothy Johnson, cordwainer. [Ref] John Aslett of Andover signed her bond that an inventory would be presented within a specified time. [Ref] Timothy's estate was later reprobated and the inventory was taken on 6 May 1702. It amounted to £45.05.06. [Ref] Timothy's estate was divided between his eldest son John and his other children: Rebecca, Timothy, Jr., Mary, Samuel, Peter and Mercy. [Ref]

Children of Timothy Johnson and Rebecca Aslett:

  1. Rebecca Johnson died on 11 Feb 1739/40 in Andover. She married Ens. Joseph Ballard.
  2. Sgt. John Johnson was born on 29 Jun 1677 in Andover. [Ref][Ref] He died on 3 Jun 1761 in Andover. [Ref] He first married Phebe Robinson on 20 Dec 1710 in Andover. [Ref] Phebe was the daughter of Joseph and Phebe (Dane) Robinson. [Ref] She was the granddaughter of Rev. Francis Dane and the great-granddaughter of John Dane. She was born on 21 Jul 1682 in Andover. [Ref] She died on 15 Apr 1741 in Andover. [Ref] He married second Mrs. Frances Pearson of Haverhill on 24 Sep 1746 in Andover. [Ref] She died on 25 Feb 1748/9, age 76. [Ref]
  3. Capt. Timothy Johnson was born on 25 Mar 1679 in Andover. [Ref] He died on 10 Mar 1771 at age 90 in Andover. [Ref][Ref] He married Katherine Sprague on 3 May 1705 in Andover. [Ref][Ref] Katherine was the daughter of Phinehas and Sarah (Hasey) Sprague. [Ref]She died on 22 Feb 1758 at age 77 in Andover. [Ref][Ref]
  4. Penelope Johnson was born on 13 Feb 1680/1 in Andover. [Ref][Ref] She was "killed by Indians" on 22 Feb 1697/8 in Andover. [Ref][Ref]
  5. Mary Johnson was born on 3 Feb 1682 in Andover. [Ref][Ref] She was living and unmarried on 27 Nov 1728. [Ref]
  6. Samuel Johnson was born on 25 Jul 1684 in Andover. [Ref][Ref]
  7. Peter Johnson was born on 31 Jan 1685/6 in Andover. [Ref][Ref] He died between 26 Mar 1705 and 17 Jun 1728. [Ref]
  8. Mercy Johnson was born on 18 Nov 1687 in Andover. [Ref][Ref] She was living and unmarried on 10 Jul 1728. [Ref]

Second Generation

REBECCA JOHNSON (1675 - 1754)

Parents: Timothy Johnson and Rebecca Aslett [Ref]

Rebecca Johnson was born about 1675 in Andover. [Ref] She died on 22 Jan 1754. She married Ens. Joseph Ballard on 17 Aug 1698 in Andover. [Ref]

Rebecca is said to be mentioned in the 1727 will of her brother Samuel. She is mentioned in the 17 Jun 1728 will of her uncle Lieut. John Aslett. [Ref]


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