The JOHNSON Family of Charlestown

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WILLIAM JOHNSON (abt 1607 - 1677) of Charlestown
RUHAMAH JOHNSON (bp. 1635 - 1659/63), wife of John Knight

First Generation

WILLIAM JOHNSON (abt 1607 - 1677)


William Johnson was born about 1607 in England. He died on 9 Dec 1677, age 70. [Ref] He married Elizabeth Unknown.

He was an early settler of Charlestown in 1634. [Ref] He and Elizabeth joined the Charlestown church on 13 Feb 1634/5. [Ref] He was a freeman on 4 Mar 1634/5. [Ref] He was a farmer and a brick maker. [Ref]

By a deed dated 27 Oct 1672, William Johnson of Charlestown sold William Locke and Samuel Blodgett, both of Woburn, 37 acres that were given to William by the town of Charlestown; Elizabeth Johnson also signed the deed, releasing her dower. [Ref, p. 46]

On 29 Dec 1671, John Knight, maltster, sold William Johnson of Woburn, carpenter, his messuage and extended a £400 mortgage to him, secured by the property. [Ref, p. 14]

William signed his will on 7 Dec 1677. [Ref]

Children of William Johnson and Elizabeth Unknown.

  1. Lieut. John Johnson was born in 1633 in England. [Ref] He died on 29 Aug 1798, along with his last wife, in an Indian attack on Haverhill. [Ref] He married first Elizabeth Maverick on 15 Oct 1656. [Ref] Elizabeth, the daughter of Elias and Anne Maverick of Charlestown, was born on 2 May 1639 and died on 23 Mar 1673/4. [Ref] John and Elizabeth had three sons and five daughters. John married second the widow Sarah Gillo of Lynn on 3 Mar 1674/5. [Ref] She died in childbirth on 24 Jul 1676. [Ref] John and Sarah had twin daughters. [Ref] John married third Catherine (Skipper) Maverick, age 42 and the widow of his first wife's brother John, on 8 Sep 1680. [Ref] John and Catherine had one son. [Ref]
  2. Ruhamah Johnson was baptised on 21 Feb 1634/5 in Charlestown. She married John Knight.
  3. Joseph Johnson was baptised on 12 Feb 1636/7 in Charlestown. [Ref] He died on 18 Nov 1714. [Ref] He married first Maria Soatlie of Charlestown on 19 Apr 1664. [Ref] She died on 22 Mar 1664/5. [Ref] He married second Hannah Tenney in 1666. [Ref] Hannah, the daughter of Ens. Thomas Tenney of Rowley, was born on 15 Mar 1642/3. [Ref] Joseph and Hannah had 11 children. [Ref]
  4. Elizabeth Johnson was baptised on 17 Mar 1639/40. [Ref] She married Edward Wier (or Weare). [Ref]
  5. Jonathan Johnson was baptised on 14 Aug 1641 in Charlestown. [Ref] He was of Marlborough. [Ref]
  6. Nathaniel Johnson was born about 1643. [Ref] He was a mariner and was lost at sea. [Ref]
  7. Zachariah Johnson was born about 1646. [Ref] He moved from Charlestown to Boston. [Ref] He was a brickmaker, farmer and miller. [Ref]
  8. Isaac Johnson was born in 1649. [Ref] He was a lock and gunsmith of Charlestown. [Ref]

Second Generation

RUHAMAH JOHNSON (bp. 1635 - 1659/63)

Parents: William Johnson [Ref. p. 222] and Elizabeth Unknown

Ruhamah Johnson was baptised on 21 Feb 1634/5 in Charlestown. [Ref] She died between 16 Feb 1658/9, when her last child was born and 1663, when her husband had a second wife. She married John Knight on 25 Apr 1654. [Ref]

Ruhamah, the wife of John Knight, was admitted to the church in Charlestown on 29 (2) 1660. [Ref]

Her father mentions his grandchild, Elizabeth Bacon, daughter of Ruhamah, in his will. [Ref]

Her brother John and her sister Elizabeth each named a daughter Ruhamah. [Ref]


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