Some Descendants of Abner Johnson (Isaac, Lieut. Joseph, Nathaniel, Sgt. Humphrey, John) and Miriam Jones of Holliston

  1. Abigail Johnson was born on 15 Jun 1762 in Holliston. [MVRH2] She married Moses Greenwood on 1 May 1784 in Holliston. [MVRH2]
  2. Milla Johnson was born on 14 Jul 1764 in Holliston. [MVRH2] She married Timothy Parker Bridges after 19 Mar 1789 (int.) in Holliston. [MVRH2]
  3. Eli Johnson was born on 13 Feb 1767 in Holliston. [MVRH2] He died on 3 Oct 1807 in Holliston. [MVRH2] He married Martha Burbank after 12 Nov 1787 (int.) in Holliston. [MVRH2]
  4. Jerusha Johnson was born on 12 Jun 1769 in Holliston. [MVRH2] She married Joseph Palmer on 18 Oct 1787 in Holliston. [MVRH2]
  5. Miriam Johnson was born on 9 May 1774 in Holliston. [MVRH2]
  6. Capt. Abner Johnson was born on 28 Dec 1776 in Holliston. [MVRH2] He married first Polly Stone on 29 Nov 1804 in Holliston. [MVRH2] Polly, the wife of Capt. Abner, died on 30 Mar 1819, age 38, in Holliston. [MVRH2, of complications from childbirth?] Capt. Abner married second Mary Fisk on 2 Dec 1819 in Holliston. [MVRH2]
    1. George Johnson was born on 25 Sep 1805 in Holliston. [MVRH2]
    2. Horatio Nelson Johnson was born on 13 Mar 1807 in Holliston. [MVRH2] He married Joanna D. Rockwood after 5 Mar 1832 (int.) in Holliston. [MVRH2] Joanna was born on 23 Jul 1804. [MVRH2]
    3. Miriam Johnson was born on 29 Nov 1808 in Holliston. [MVRH2] Miriam, a 38-year-old seamstress, married Amasa Forristall, Jr., a 40-year-old farmer, on 20 Sep 1847 in Holliston. [MVRH2] Amasa was the son of Amasa and Sarah Forristall. . [MVRH2]
    4. Eliza Johnson was born on 12 Mar 1810 in Holliston. [MVRH2] She married Henry C. Adams of Roxbury after 11 or 29 Mar 1832 (int.) in Holliston. [MVRH2]
    5. Abner Johnson was born on 18 Jun 1812 in Holliston. [MVRH2]
    6. Solon Johnson was born on 7 Jul 1814 in Holliston. [MVRH2] He married Mary R. Keyes of Oxford, New Hampshire on 3 Oct 1838 in Holliston. [MVRH2] Solon's gravestone says that he was the husband of Margaret. . [MVRH2]
    7. Emily Brown Johnson was born on 24 Jun 1817 in Holliston. [MVRH2] Emily G., age 26 and the daughter of Abner and Mary, married Charles Wilder, a 28-year-old comb maker on 13 Sep or 4 Oct 1843 in Holliston. [MVRH2] Charles was the son of Joseph Wilder. [MVRH2]
    8. Unnamed Child Johnson died in 1821 in Holliston. [MVRH2]
MVRH2 New England Historic Genealogical Society, Vital Records of Holliston, Massachusetts to the Year 1850, Boston, Stanhope Press, 1908.