The KINSMAN Family of Ipswich

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ROBERT KINGSMAN (d. 1647) of Overton, Wiltshire
               | (possibly)
ROBERT KINSMAN (d. 1664) of Ipswich
TABITHA KINSMAN m. William Howard

First Generation

ROBERT KINGSMAN (d. 1647) of Overton

Parents: See Stickney [Ref]

Robert Kingsman of Overton the elder, yeoman, wrote his will on 6 Apr 1647. It was proved in Jul 1647. He mentioned his son Robert Kingsman; Robert's son Robert; the children of his sons Philip and Thomas; the children of his sons-in-law Edward Carpenter, John Newman, Nathaniel Poole, Henry Fisher; his kinsman Robert Kingsman of Overton, yeoman; his kinsman Thomas Stevens of Lockbridge. [Ref]

Second Generation

ROBERT KINSMAN (d. 1664) of Ipswich

Parents: Stickney [Ref] suggests that Robert might have been the son of Robert Kingsman of Overton.

Robert Kinsman died on 28 Jan 1664 in Ipswich. [Ref]

He was a glazier: the inventory of his estate included “glass, lead, vise and tools belonging to the glazing trade”. [Ref]

Robert Kinsman came to New England on the Mary and John, arriving in Boston in May 1634. [Ref] He is on a 19 Dec 1648 list of taxpayers in Ipswich. [Ref] Robert Kinsman of Ipswich was made a freeman at the 6 Apr 1658 court at Ipswich. [Ref] On 13 Nov, “Robert Kinsman, being above threescore years of age and having the sciatica, was freed from training”. [Ref]

Robert Kinsman signed his will on 25 Jan 1664; it was proved on 28 Mar 1665. He mentions his son Robert; Isaac and Sarah the children of his daughter Mary; his daughter Mary, the wife of [?] Wardell; Daniel Roger; Mary and Susan Ring; his daughter Sarah, the wife of Samuel Younglove; his daughter Hannah; his daughter Martha, the wife of Jacob Foster; his daughter Tabitha Kinsman; his cousin Richard Nicolls. [Ref]

Children of Robert Kinsman:

  1. Quartermaster Robert Kinsman was born about 1629. He died on 19 Feb 1712, age 83. [Ref] He married Mary, the daughter of Thomas Boreman. Robert Kinsman was a freeman on 11 Mar 1673/4 in Ipswich. [Ref] He was a soldier in King Philip's War on 24 Jun 1676. [Ref] He opposed the Andros tax and was excluded from holding office, fined and bound to good behaviour for a year. [Ref] He gravestone says: Here lieth buried/ye body of Quarter/master Robert/Kinsman who/died February ye/19, 1712, aged/83 years. [Ref]
  2. Mary Kinsman married first Daniel Ring. [Ref][Ref] He died in Feb 1661. [Ref] She married second Uzall Wardwell on 3 May 1664 in Ipswich. [Ref] Uzall, the son of William and Alice Wardwell, was born on 7 Apr 1639 in Boston. [Ref] Uzall married second Grace Unknown. [Ref]
  3. Sarah Kinsman married Samuel Younglove on 1 Aug 1660 in Ipswich. [Ref]
  4. Hannah Kinsman married William Damford on 20 Mar 1670 in Ipswich. [Ref]
  5. Martha Kinsman died on 15 Oct 1666. [Ref] She married Dea. Jacob Foster of Ipswich on 12 Jan 1658/9 [Ref] in Ipswich. [Ref] Jacob was the son of Reginald Foster.
  6. Tabitha Kinsman married William Howard.

Third Generation


Parents: Robert Kinsman

Tabitha Kinsman possiby married William Howard. [Greene's [Ref] argument suggests that this is possible,and perhaps likely, but not proven.]


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