The KNOTT Family of Sandwich

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GEORGE KNOTT of Sandwich m. Martha Unknown
MARTHA KNOTT m. Thomas Tobey

First Generation

GEORGE KNOTT (d. 1648)


George Knott died between 1 May 1648, when his nuncupative will was dated and 1 Jun 1648, when inventory was taken. [Ref] He was buried on 3 May 1648 in Sandwich. [Ref] He married Martha Unknown. She died in 1673. [Ref]

George Knott was one of the ten original proprietors of Sandwich on 3 Apr 1637. [Ref]

He was allocated 4 acres of meadow on 16 Apr 1640 in Sandwich. [Ref]

He is in the Sandwich section of the 1643 list of those between 16 and 60 able to bear arms in Plymouth Colony. [Ref]

Inventory on his estate was £69-1/2. [Ref]

In his will, George mentions his wife Martha and his children Samuel and Martha. [Ref]

Ralph Allen, Sr. and his wife, William Allen, Richard Kirby, Peter Gaunt, Rose Newland, Edmund Freeman, Sr., Goodwife Turner and widow Knott were all presented to the Court for disobeying an 8 Jun 1651 order to attend public worship. [Ref]

On 20 May 1655 he pledged two days for the building of a meeting house in Sandwich. [Ref]

On 1 Jan 1667 Widow Knott gave John Tobey an acre of land. [Ref]

Children of George Knott and Martha Unknown.

  1. Martha Knott married Thomas Tobey.
  2. Samuel Knott is mentioned in his father's will. On 18 Aug 1681 the town ordered that Samuel was to have 30 s. for 'all his demands about the two necks'. [Ref]

Second Generation


Parents: George Knott [Ref] and Martha Unknown.

Martha Knott married Thomas Tobey on 18 Nov 1650 in Sandwich. [Ref]

Her father left her a bequest in his will that was contingent on her marrying and living in Sandwich. He left a bequest to Thomas Dunham 'in case he marries my daughter'. [Ref] On 4 Oct 1648 the Court ordered Thomas Dunham to stay away from Martha until it could determine the nature of his 'pretended' contract with her. [Ref]


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