The MARTIN Family of Ipswich

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MARY MARTIN (1692 - 1736) m. John Howard

First Generation


Parents: Unknown

George Martin had horses on the common in Ipswich in 1697. [Ref] George Martin, Sr. was a commoner in Ipswich 1707. [Ref]

George Martin should not be confused with the George Martin of Salisbury who married Susanna North.

Children of George Martin:

  1. George Martin was born on 17 Sep 1680 in Ipswich. [Ref] He married Anne Choate on 29 Nov 1706 in Ipswich. [Ref: recorded in Ipswich and Windham, Windham, CT]
  2. Elizabeth Martin was born on 12 Sep 1682 in Ipswich. [Ref]
  3. John Martin was born on 6 Oct 1686 in Chebacco. [Ref]
  4. Mary Martin was born on 7 Aug 1692 in Chebacco. She died on 10 Nov 1736 in Windham. She married John Howard.
  5. Joseph Martin was born on 26 Dec 1694 in Chebacco. [Ref] He died in 1726. [Ref] He married first Mary Unknown. [Ref] He married second Damaris Storey after 17 Mar 1722 (int.) in Ispwich. [Ref] Damaris, the daughter of Seth Storey was born on 26 Jan 1696. [Ref] She married second Samuel Choate after 4 Mar 1728 (int.) [Ref] Scholl [Ref] argues that he is not the Joseph Martin who lived in Windham and had a wife named Mary. [Ref]
  6. Ebenezer Martin was born on 20 Apr 1697 in Chebacco. [Ref] He moved to Windham. [Ref]

Chebacco was a parish in Ipswich that later became Essex.

Second Generation

MARY MARTIN (1692 - 1736)

Parents: George Martin

Mary Martin was born on 7 Aug 1692 in Chebacco. [Ref] She died on 10 Nov 1736 in Windham, age 49 (this is an overstatement), shortly after giving birth to her last child. [Ref] She is buried in the South Cemetery in Hampton. [Ref] She married John Howard.


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