The MAYHEW Family of Watertown

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THOMAS MAYHEW of Watertown m. Joan Gallyon
MARTHA MAYHEW (1642 - 1717), wife of Capt. Thomas Tupper

First Generation

THOMAS MAYHEW of Watertown

Parents: Thomas Mayhew and Alice Barter

Thomas Mayhew married Joan Gallyon.

'Mr. Thomas Mayhew, Senior, came over as a merchant, was disappointed, purchased a farm at Watertown, and in 1641 procured a patent of Sir Fernando Gorges, the Earl of Sterling's agent, for Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and Elizabeth Isles.' [Ref]

Thomas Mayhew sold a "beautif." 500-acre farm to Gov. Bradstreet for six cows in 1638, before he went to the Vineyard. Gov. Bradstreet sold the farm in 1646 to Edward Jackson for £140.

Children of Thomas Mayhew and Joan Gallyon:

  1. Thomas Mayhew was born about 1621. [Ref] In 1657 he sailed for England with his wife's brother and their ship was never heard from again. [Ref] He married Jane Payne. [Ref, p. 6] Thomas left three sons. [Ref] Jane married second Richard Sarson, a tailor on Martha's Vineyard. [Ref, p. 6]
    In 1642 his father sent Thomas to Martha's Vineyard, where he preached to the Indians. He published letters on his experience in London in 1651, 1652 and 1653. [Ref]
    some descendants of Thomas Mayhew
  2. Martha Mayhew married Capt. Thomas Tupper.
  3. Hannah Mayhew was born on 15 (4) 1635 in Watertown. [Ref]
  4. Bethia Mayhew was born on 6 (10) 1636 in Watertown. [Ref]
  5. Mary Mayhew was born on 14 (11) 1639 in Watertown. [Ref]

Second Generation

MARTHA MAYHEW (1642 - 1717)

Parents: Thomas Mayhew and Joan Gallyon

Martha Tupper was born in 1642. [Ref, p. 465] She died on 15 Nov 1717 in Sandwich. [Ref] Martha Mayhew married Capt. Thomas Tupper on 27 Dec 1661 in Sandwich. [Ref]

On 15 May 1666 Thomas Mayhew deeded Nonamesset to his daughter Martha Mayhew Tupper. He refers to Martha's husband as Thomas Tupper. [Ref, p. 92-93] Nonamesset is one of the Elizabeth Islands: it is small and uninhabited, lying between Naushon and Woods Hole.


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