Descendants of Daniel Morse (Samuel) and Lydia Fisher of Medfield

  1. Dea. Obadiah Morse was born on 8 Aug 1639. [GCJJ, p. 11] He died on 4 Mar 1704. [GCJJ, p. 11] He married Martha Johnson. [GCJJ, p. 11] Martha and Obadiah had a son Obadiah who died young. [GCJJ, p. 11]
    Obadiah was deacon, town clerk and schoolmaster of Sherborn. [GCJJ, p. 11]
  2. Daniel Morse was born on 31 (1) 1640. [MG, p. 8] He married Elizabeth Barbour. [MG, p. 8] Elizabeth was the daughter of Capt. George Barbour. [MG, p. 33]
    1. Noah Morse was born on 20 Apr 1681 in Sherborn. [MVRS][MG, p. 33, in Medfield] He died on 2 Jun 1719 in Sherborn. [MVRS] He married Mary Johnson on 12 Jul 1705 [GCJJ, p. 19] in Sherborn. [MVRS] He married second Abigail, Gleason of Sudbury on 4 Nov 1714 in Sherborn. [MVRS] Abigail was the daughter of Joseph and Hannah Gleason of Sherborn. [MG, p. 33] Abigail was the granddaughter of Corp. Joseph Gleason and Martha Russell. She married second Nathaniel Heaton of Wrentham. [MG, p. 33]
      1. Tabitha Morse was born in 1706. [MG, p. 19]
      2. Jemima Morse was born in 1707. [MG, p. 19] She died about 1714. [MG, p. 19]
      3. Hepsebah Morse was born on 2 Apr 1709. [MG, p. 19] She married Jonathan Mason. [MG, p. 19]
      4. Experience Morse was born on 15 Apr 1710. [MG, p. 19] She married Joseph Morse on 17 May 1735. [MG, p. 19]
      5. Cyprian Morse was born on 15 Jun 1712. [MG, p. 19]
      6. Noah Morse was born on 21 Aug 1717 in Sherborn. [MVRS] He died on 7 Sep 1717 in Sherborn. [MVRS]
  3. Bethshua Morse was born on 20 Jul 1653 in Medfield. [MVRM, d. Daniel and Lydia] She married Benjamin Fiske on 6 Nov 1674 in Medfield. [MVRM]
    1. Bethiah Fiske was born on 25 Jun 1682 in Medfield. [MVRM, d. Benjamin and Bathshua][AGST, 24 Jun] She married Jonathan Plympton. [AGST]
  4. Nathaniel Morse was born on 20 Jun 1657/8 in Medfield. [MVRM, s. Daniel and Lydia] He married Mary Unknown.
    1. Aaron Morse was born on 10 Mar 1686 in Sherborn. [MVRS, s. Nathaniel and Mary] He married Bethiah Perry on 18 Feb 1707/8 in Sherborn. [MVRS]
      1. Aaron Morse was born on 30 Aug 1717 in Sherborn. [MVRS], s. Aaron and Bethiah] He died on 10 Jan 1754, in his 38th year, in Sherborn. [MVRS] Aaron Morse of Holliston married Ann Leland [GRSH, pp. 161-169] on 16 Feb 1737/8 in Sherborn. [MVRS] She died on 4 Jun 1742 in Sherborn. [MVRS, w. Aaron]



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