THE MULLINS Family of Dorking and Plymouth

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WILLIAM MULLINS (d. 1621) of Dorking and Plymouth, passenger on the Mayflower
PRISCILLA MULLINS, passenger on the Mayflower m. John Alden

First Generation

WILLIAM MULLINS (d. 1621) of Dorking and Plymouth

William died between 2 Apr 1621, when he wrote his will, and 23 Jul 1621 when his daughter Sarah Blundin was appointed administratrix of his his estate. [Ref] He married Alice Unknown.

William was of Dorking in Surrey. [Ref]

The Merchant Adventurers who financed the Pilgrims replaced those members of the congregation who had anticipated travelling on the Mayflower, but chose to stay in Leiden, with passeners who were referred to as "Strangers". William Mullins was both a "Stranger" and a Merchant Adventurer. [Ref] He sailed on the Mayflower with his wife, two children and his servant Robert Carter. [Ref] William Bradford [Ref] wrote, "Mr. Mullins and his wife, his son and his servant died the first winter. Only his daughter Priscilla survived, and married with John Alden; who are both living and have eleven children and their eldest daughter is married and hath five children."

In his will, William mentions his wife Alice, his eldest son, his sons Joseph and William, his eldest daughter and his daughter Priscilla. [Ref]

Children of Willem Mullins

  1. Unknown eldest son
  2. Sarah Mullins married unknown Blundin. [Ref]
  3. Joseph Mullins
  4. William Mullins. He is in the Duxbury section of the 1643 list of those between 16 and 60 able to bear arms in Plymouth Colony. [Ref] In 1664, land was laid out near Namasket (Middleborough) for a William Mullins. [Ref]
  5. Priscilla Mullins married John Alden.

Second Generation


Priscilla Mullins married John Alden.