The NELSON Family

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WILLIAM NELSON (m. 1640) m. Martha Ford

First Generation

WILLIAM NELSON (m. 1640) of Plymouth


William Nelson married Martha Ford on 29 Oct 1640. [Ref] Martha was the daughter of the Widow Ford who came in the Fortune in 1621. [Ref, p. 5_2]

William was one of the 26 men who purchased land for Middleborough from the Indian sachem Wampatuck in Mar 1662. [Ref]

Children of William Nelson and Martha Ford:

  1. John Nelson married first Sarah Wood on 28 Nov 1667. [Ref] Sarah, the daughter of Henry Wood of Middleboro, died on 4 Mar 1675. [Ref] He married second Lydia (Bartlett) Barnaby. [Ref] Lydia, the daughter of Robert and Mary (Warren) Bartlett and the widow of James Barnaby of Plymouth, was born on 8 Jun 1647. [Ref] He married third Patience Morton, the daughter of Ephraim and Ann (Cooper) Morton of Plymouth. [Ref][Ref, p. 5_2] John had two children who died in infancy with his first wife, a son and daughter with his second wife and two daughters with his third wife. [Ref] He resided in Middleboro and was chosen Constable in 1669 and 1684; Selectman in 1681-83 and 1685-6; Grand Juryman in 1675. [Ref]
    some descendants of John Nelson
  2. Martha Nelson married John Cobb.
  3. Jean Nelson married Elder Thomas Faunce in 1672. [Ref, p. 121] Thomas was the son of John Faunce, who came in the Ann in 1623. [Ref, p. 121] He was born in 1647. [Ref, p. 121] He died in Feb 1745/6, age 99. [Ref, p. 121]
    some descendants of Jean Nelson

Second Generation


Parents: William Nelson and Martha Ford [Ref]

Martha married John Cobb on 28 Apr 1658. [Ref]

On 22 Jun 1715 Martha deposed that the inventory on her husband's estate was accurate. [Ref]


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