The PETTY Family of Springfield

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JOHN PETTY (d. 1680) of Springfield m. Ann Canning
JOHN PETTY (1667 - by 1724) of Springfield m. Mary Taylor
MARY PETTY (b. 1695) m. Robert Emmons

First Generation

JOHN PETTY of Springfield (d. 1680)

Parents: Unknown

John Petty died on 8 Mar 1680 in Springfield. [Ref][Ref] He married Ann Canning on 30 Mar 1662 in Boston; Gov. John Endicott officiated. [Ref]

John and Ann moved to Windsor, CT and then to Springfield. [Ref]

Ann married second, as his second wife, Samuel, the son of Samuel Owen, on 5 Sep 1681. [Ref] They moved to North Brookfield. [Ref] Samuel was a tavern keeper. [Ref]

Inventory was taken on John's estate on 28 Aug 1680. [Ref] The estate was probated on 28 Sep 1680 and administration was granted to John's widow Ann on 28 Sep 1680. [Ref] On 28 Mar 1682 Ann presented a request for a settlement after she remarried. [Ref]

Children of John Petty and Anna Unknown:

  1. James Petty was born on 25 Mar 1662/3 [Ref gives the year] in Windsor. [Ref] He died on 13 Mar 1712/3 in Freetown. [Ref] He married Mary Lawton on 15 Jun 1683 in Springfield. [Ref] She was born on 15 Apr 1662 in Suffield, CT. [Ref] James moved to North Brookfield. [Ref]
  2. Hannah Petty was born on 9 Nov 1666 in Springfield. [Ref] She died on 1 Jan 1666 in Springfield. [Ref: another record says that daughter Sarah died the same day.]
  3. John Petty 1 was born on 11 or 21 Dec 1667 in Springfield. He married Mary Taylor.
  4. Mary Petty was born on 27 Mar 1670 in Springfield. [Ref] She married first Thomas Taylor on 29 Dec 1687. [Ref] Thomas was born on 9 Aug 1660 and died in Apr 1691 in Springfield. [Ref] She was the son of Jonathan and Mary Taylor. [Ref] She married second Thomas Rich on 6 Apr 1697 in Springfield. [Ref] He died in 1702 in Brookfield. [Ref] She married third Dea. Joseph Jennings. [Ref] Joseph, the son of Stephen and Hannah (Dickenson) Jennings, was born on 23 Aug 1682. [Ref] He married second Sarah Unknown. [Ref]
  5. Joseph Petty was born in 1672. [Ref] He married first Elizabeth, the daughter of Joseph Edwards of Northampton on 14 Feb 1701. [Ref] He married second Sarah Edwards. [Ref]
  6. Anna Petty was born on 19 May 1675 in Springfield. [Ref] She died on 12 May 1691. [Ref]
  7. A stillborn child was born on 23 Jun 1677 in Springfield. [Ref]
  8. Ebenezer Petty was born on 9 Oct 1678 in Springfield. [Ref]

Children of Ann Canning and Samuel Owen:

  1. Sarah Owen was born in 1682.
  2. Abigail Owen was born in 1685.
  3. Samuel Owen was born in 1688. [Ref]

Second Generation

JOHN PETTY (1667 - by 1724)

Parents: John Petty and Ann Canning

John Petty was born on 11 or 21 Dec 1667 in Springfield. [Ref] He married Mary Taylor on 13 Apr 1693 in Springfield. [Ref]

Administration was granted on John's estate on 11 Mar 1723/4.

Children of John Petty and Robert Emmons:

  1. Mary Petty was born on 26 Oct 1695. She married Robert Emmons.
  2. John Petty was born on 6 Apr 1701 in Springfield. [Ref] He married Margaret Unknown. [Ref]
  3. Joseph Petty was born in 1710. [Ref] He died on 29 Aug 1710 in Springfield. [Ref]
  4. Abigail Petty was born on 3 Apr 1713 in Springfield. [Ref] She died on 25 Feb 1792 in Springfield. [Ref] She married Dr. Pedijah Field, as his second wife. [Ref] Pedijah, the son of John and Mary (Bennett) Field, was born on 28 Jan 1707 in Deerfield and died on 24 Feb 1798 in Northfield. [Ref] He married first Hannah Unknown. [Ref]
  5. Ebenezer Petty was born in 1721. [Ref] He married Rebecca Unknown. [Ref]

Third Generation

MARY PETTY (b. 1695)

Parents: John Petty and Mary Taylor

Mary Petty was born on 26 Oct 1695. [Ref gives the year][Ref] She married Robert Emmons of Brookfield [Ref] after 13 July 1717, when their intention (10 Jul 1717) was posted in Springfield. [Ref]


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